Restoring The Mac Timber Bear Testing On A Log

The chain is sharp.
The engine is running.
Will It Kill?
Time to cut some wood.

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13 thoughts on “Restoring The Mac Timber Bear Testing On A Log

  1. I got two one I fixed and it’s hanging up just got another one in great shape just don’t fire I think I am going to put the electronic chip in it to make it fire have not got to it yet this sir was a great video thanks for your time sir and may god bless you and your family

  2. That wood looks more like osage orange than mulberry. I am certainly no wood expert, but the quick Google image search I did makes me think it could be (and I still wouldn't be suprised if I were wrong). Either one would probably make a good bow, assuming you could find a proper length of straight grain, free of knots. I have watched a few videos on making bows, and it looks like a LOT of work.
    I've got a few Osage Oranges in the back of my truck that I picked up last fall (for seeds). I probably need to get them out and extract the seeds. And figure out what I need to get them to sprout.

  3. You have turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Great video and it is good to see all the hard work paying off. Been blocking a hospital bed last week so plenty of videos to catch up on. Not allowed to drive for a month so no excuses not to be in the garage!.

  4. FINALLY you've put that beast to work — So when do we get to see the Alaska Sawmill working to cut those logs into post and beams for the Workshop Annex? New Construction Project!!! Can't wait! LOL Thanks – Bob

  5. Great job..plenty of chips! So not sure of I missed a description in another video..what's going on behind you? Wasn't there a school there already?? Is it getting re-built or upgraded?

  6. I can't believe it. If it wasn't for Al's comment I'd never put 2 and 2 together! A younger YOU! WOW! I was faked OUT! Still am. The sun came out and I went outside and changed the oil in the big mower and the Kawasnapper. I'll probably do the Kohler 301 on the Gravely and the
    8-horse I/C on the Roof while I'm at it. I didn't run them much but they need a fresh snort anyway. And the 4 on the other Snapper too but it hasn't run much since I got it but I did mow with it again. The back yard is ready again so I'm going to try and fill up the prohibition 2 1/2 gallon cans tomorrow. I hate to bust a 5 to fill a little mower up. So I've been out again and feel fine as in no gout. I'd like to start a trend if possible!

  7. That's not an anvil on the vice, something new every day. Runs good cuts like a hot knife through butter. Well Momma got me on a project during this social distancing. We are building a SHE SHED out on the deck, got to go and hang a door for the boss. Have a great day, keep warm and watch the grass turn green. Give Sadie a pat on the head from me.

  8. Another great vid. Love the intro photo of a younger Sneelock. You’re not only a good engine guy but a great saw guy too. Chainsaws can be tricky.

  9. I'm still amazed it runs like it does. This Stihl won't and I doubt ever will. And I ALWAYS wear gloves when fooling with a saw, even cleaning it up with the compressor. I get my rubberised gloves from Palmflex and can get a dozen pairs for almost what I have to pay for one at the Ace. And they wear good too. So there's a pitch right there! And that hard wood will roll the edge right up on the chain but it'll grind on through. I run a skip tooth chain but maybe a full would be better for you. Thanks Unc and GREAT JOB! Marty will say the trademark too I bet. Cloudy and rain-ish so no mowing today. Cheryl is making kraut. YUM!

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