Resurrecting the AWD Twin Engine Mini Bike!

In this video we completely resurrect and rip a junkyard built 2 wheel drive mini bike. The build off took us 2 days of long nights and many hours searching around the Pate Swap Meet.

The idea of the build off was a weekend project where each team spent as little money as they could and used only parts they find at the swap meet to make the craziest and fastest mini bike they could think of. We thought the best way to do this was through an AWD mini bike setup, which turned out to completely rip and just destroy front tires and do crazy mini bike burn outs.

What we did was we found a frame for $60, 2 Briggs and Stratton Flat Head engines; one for $10 and a complete one for $50, some free parts, and a $30 wheel and hub assembly for the front wheel drive. After getting back to Go Power Sports we worked on mounting the front engine plate so we could test the idea. After that we test drove it as a front wheel drive mini bike and it was a ton of fun but we had some issues with the plate flexing and chain tensioning. After that we added the rear engine and some other cool things like a mikuni carb and a rear motorcycle fender then we headed over to the swap meet with CarsandCameras, Red Beards Garage, and Rather B Welding!

The “competition” was really fun and a ton of people were there to help and we really felt like a family with these guys.

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Intro Song:

Time-lapse Music by Joakim Karud


Clutch and Chain for both engines


Throttle Cables


Header Pipes


Thank you GoPowerSports!

Rebuild Kit Flathead Briggs:


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32 thoughts on “Resurrecting the AWD Twin Engine Mini Bike!

  1. Hey y’all hope you enjoyed this video, just to let you know we made a behind the scenes channel so we can practice different styles of editing and post random stuff that might not always be related to the go kart stuff we do. So you should totally check it out and give us your thoughts and feedback! BBR Extra (link in description)

  2. Use different sprockets for front and back. For example rear one make u accelerate fast and front one could have better top speed u know I mean 😀

  3. So here's an idea, keep the front one as a low end and start off, then gear down the rear to make it top end. So you get going with the front and then have topend with the rear

  4. Got a bit pike in gunbarrel for sale needs new head was sold to me with bent intake valve but ran good for a week really fast 50mph+ put a 150cc big bore on it it would rip

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