Riding Lawn Mower Oil Change Instructions

Follow these instructions for changing the engine oil on a riding lawn mower. To order lawn mower oil and oil filters, visit: https://www.mtdparts.com/equipment/mtdparts/parts/part-types/engine-parts. To order other maintenance parts for your lawn tractor, visit: https://www.mtdparts.com/equipment/mtdparts/parts/machine-types/riding-lawn-mowers.



7 thoughts on “Riding Lawn Mower Oil Change Instructions

  1. @infadel13 – Please provide us with your model number, which is typically found underneath the seat, and we will be happy to get that information for you.

  2. I have a bolens by mtd 15.5hp It will start up then it starts to run and then it will stall and shut down. There is a over flow of oil on the dipstick and the oil is watery like and I thought that might be the problem. What can it be?

  3. This video was exactly what I needed to change my own oil. Thanks!

    USER TIP: If you lose the drain sleeve you can make your own out of a tall thin plastic water bottle. Cut off the very top of the bottle around the lid and cut off the bottom, then cut it in half lengthwise. Trim the edges with scissors to fit around the oil drain plug and any steering struts so that it lies flat or at a downward angle when in place to guide the oil to the oil pan or collection device.

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