RIP R32 Skyline Motor….

This is so unfortunate. We have so much work to do now. Stay tuned for the rebuild of my r32.

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15 thoughts on “RIP R32 Skyline Motor….

  1. Sorry about your motor, but like what others have said, at least you'll have peace of mind knowing its all fully sealed up. Might be worth bearings and a hone as well, just to be sure….

  2. Damn bro :/ I would want to see you document the swap on video tho!!! Would be interesting to see considering I need to remove my engine at some point too.

  3. I've noticed my RB20 oil dipstick has been coming loose. I just got a brand new one from Japan hoping it's just the rubber seal being worn out. Haven't driven it yet and I'm hoping that will fix it. Because my compression is good. Sorry to hear about what happened. But you're more prepared than I am with your spare motor πŸ˜…

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