30 thoughts on “Robin / Subaru Generator maintenance

  1. damn dude. reach right in the carb cleaner without gloves on! That's hardcore. Dry your skin right to prune. If you lived in California, you could get skin cancer. Good thing you don't. hahahaha (joke..clearly)

  2. This is what I love about YouTube! I don't know shit about engines, but now my generator's carb is clean and it's running great.  Thanks dude!

  3. Took in this same exact generator on a trade,,,  wouldn't start.  Watching this video I learned how to pull the carb off, remove the float, needle valve, etc.  I had the same varnish gum problem, bought Berryman Chem-dip form Walmart $18, cleaned it up and put it back together…  Four pulls and it fired right up.  Don't soak the needle valve or any rubber in the Chem-dip.  I only soaked it for an hour and the crud sloughed off… blow it out with an air hose, and I rinsed everything with WD40 to be sure the carb cleaner was gone.  New carb was $100, I couldn't find a rebuild kit or gaskets for this.  Thanks for this video!  Spot on!

  4. Sir, thanks for an awesome video. I am what you might consider mechanically naive and after tugging on the starter for about 30 min and emptying half a can of started spray, I found this video….. now she starts up first pull, runs like a champ. From all is fuckers and fuckettes, thank you.

  5. This video is excellent!!! Can't thank you enough for posting this. I have this exact engine on my coleman powermate 5000, and it's been a bitch to get going. Having zero knowledge of this type of thing, I watched your video and took it apart with no problem! I sprayed the heck out of it with carb cleaner and put it back together. It started right up, and ran strong for about a minute, then died down again. I'm wondering if maybe the carb has areas I couldn't get to with the spray, and perhaps soaking it will give a permanent fix. For the short time it did run, it purred like a kitten, so I'm on the right track. I tore the gasket and can't find it online anywhere. A couple places say it's been discontinued. Do you know of a suitable replacement to the 62566 gasket? Thanks again for this video dude. When I soak the carb I'll be sure to show proper respect by sliding Street Survivors into my player!

  6. Great job. You and I work the same way. I may not said it out loud all the time but you know I'm thinking it. By the way, great information.

  7. Great video! I actually removed the carberator before watching this and it was comforting to know I did it right! My generator sat with gas for over a year (stupid me) but I did have the fuel line off, so the carberator was spotless. I drained all the gas, cleaned the spark plug, checked itnfor a spark, checked the fuel line and used starter fluid. It starts but then dies off. Its almost as though I am not getting any fuel. Never smelled gas flodding. Could it be a float problem or is there some where else I can check? I spent 4 hours in a cold garage working on it trying to prepare for the snow blizzard up north…still not working.

  8. Where do get parts that you need for the subaru generator. I was an idiot and left gas in it and need to soak carb. Thank you for the video. Have no money to have someone else repair so I need to try myself.

  9. I have this exact same generator. powers been out for two days because of Matthew and haven't been able to get it started. pulled carb today and spayed liberally, but all couldn't get it to run. I'll try the soaking and disassembly tomorrow and see if I get better results. for the record, do you know the model number of the carb if I need to get a new one? thanks man. good stuff

  10. Hi, I am 10 years old and was looking for how to work on this. I never heard how to cuss at home but i learned it here, thanks mother fucker wait till I tell my bitch mom what i learned from your fucking channel, thanks son of a bitch hope she dont get pissed off. By the way when you die of liver failure its cause of all the carb cleaner and solvents you absorbed right through your skin into your blood stream, eventually it kills you and you mother fucking kick the fucking bucket and then when you die your bladder releases and you fucking piss all over yourself

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