Robin Subaru SP170 Engine Break In

Here is a Robin Subaru new engine video. A 169cc OHC rated at 5.7 hp at 4000rpm. I mounted it on my log splitter and ran it with no load for about 15 minutes before mounting the pump. I have the top speed set at 3600 rpm. I am breaking this in using a Comet axial pressure washer pump. The pump needs 6 hp to run at full pressure so this will put pretty much full load on the engine. The tiller it is going on won’t load the engine anything like the pump will, hence the break in with the pump. These Robin engines are excellent running units.

Edit………….I did run the engine/pump combo for about 45 minutes. Engine runs superb. I mounted it on the tiller and went out and buried it in the garden. Like i figured, the tiller at full depth doesn’t load the engine very much at all.



10 thoughts on “Robin Subaru SP170 Engine Break In

  1. I don't think I overstressed it at all. Ran very well at almost full load. Getting the rings to seat quickly is my goal. I have a buddy that just babies his new snowmobile engines thinking he is breaking them in correctly. Then complains about how "slow" they are compared to so and so's. Checked one and found low compression. I pulled the jugs off and showed him the blowby below the rings. Run them hard initially to seat the rings and they always run better and run longer. My theory YMMV

  2. Not being a wise guy…but why not break the engine in by using it on the tiller and not over stressing it in its brand new condition ?

  3. @arod9671 hi i was thinking about buying this engine and putting it on a go cart! Do you think that this little motor wont't get the job done?

  4. @dragata1 governor issues? try re-adjusting your govenor arms and maybe even cleaning your carb. I had a 2001 Techumseh powersport 5 HP, ther spring wore out and hung wad open, all i had to do is replace the spring with right one and clean the carb out. It runs good as new! I've only worked on Techumeh's 3.5-9HP and they where OHV's not OHC's so yea, its all totally different, also, im 14, so im juss sayen.

  5. mine is a 4.0hp its bord like 20+ with a pro sparkplug 😛 it was never broke in and it runs like CRAP it all ways wants to take off i got a brnd new clutch and still same thing i need help

  6. @marcosvaldivia678 Found it on ebay. They make this version and the EX17 which are both 169cc. They call this one an entry level engine. Why, I don't know. It has a plastic recoil housing, otherwise it looks identical to the EX17. I have used a few Robin engines. Running quality on all has been excellent. You will pay more for the Honda, but this engine would serve you well.

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