14 thoughts on “Roosa Master Fuel Injection Pump

  1. @Adrossi85 Thank You very very much for uploading this original 8mm (or 16mm) training film. Real training in injection pump repair is accomplished by hands-on disassembly, inspection, re-assembly & dynamic testing machine evaluations, of course…

    But its of essential benefit to learn the internal components & their functions. Best of all this original film adds to the historic perspective & appreciation for Vernon Roosa's painstaking design & development of his invention. Although Rudolph Diesel built the first single piston type injection pump for the first single-cylinder diesel engine, Vernon Roosa is credited with originating the first rotary type high pressure (2500 to 3500 psi ! !) injection pump

    And if I understand correctly, Mr Roosa licensed his design to Charles A Vandervell, founder of CAV/ Lucas Injection Company in England ;o)

  2. This is an interesting trip down Memory Lane. I started in the repair business back in '71 and that film was shot in '78. It used to be a really small world as the service schools were all held in Hartford. I knew that instructor and a couple of the students in that classroom scene. Hard to believe that it's been almost 40 years since the film was made….

  3. Excellent. No modern computer animation… and none needed! Very nice production. Thank you so much for posting this and your other videos.

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