21 thoughts on “Roto Tiller pull cord fixed

  1. Wind the rope around the spool one more time or shorten the cord so you have tension on the cord as you pull it out the cover hole.

  2. @1968DodgePolara my dad used to have a 68 fury 4 door that he bought for $400. we called it the staff car. he drove it for 6-7 years to work and back and when i didn't want to drive my 72 roadrunner i would borrow it. my dad got t-boned in charlotte one day and smashed in the passenger side and he sold it dor $750. good to see another mopar man.

  3. @1968DodgePolara check this out. a few years ago i was working on my skiboat up at my shop and a guy that lives up the road a mile or two (and a raging alcholic) pulled up and told me i was gonna fix an old boat that he had bought because he said that he knew i could do it. i told him to take it to the marina and he said no. i was gonna fix it.

  4. @restodan Yep. Same as it always was. It kind of inspired me to get that old motor I've still got sittin' out back, the stuck one with the notched pull cord.. Might be fun to see if I can get it to go.. hahaha.

  5. You'd think by now, we wouldn't have to fool with rebuilding a briggs pull starter. But, surprise, here we go again rebuilding yet another. I had to rebuild one on my 1950 briggs lawn mower, before I could mow my yard with it. I used to rebuild them all the time on my mini-bikes years ago, then here I am again?

  6. @rhigh100 Start charging for it. People will flock you all the time if they can get it fixed for free.Helping out is one thing but don't get to be a push over and fix it anyway. I work on appliances people see me working on my stuff in my yard they come over saying I just need this one thing done or I need just a part ok I help them out one time and they come back over with their friends then I say ok $50 for that $75 to fix that and they give me a puzzled look knowing I'm not a free ticket. :O

  7. lol had the same thing happen to me a month back.. was tilling, and the till ripped the cord right off… gotta replace it still — this'll help thanks

  8. You inspired me to go work on mine. Took the carb off cleaned it out and runs like a top. Mine is an old craftsman 24 inch front tine chain drive. Not built as good as that one.

  9. people ride by my house and see me working on my push lawn mowers, riding mower and my little yanmar tractor and they assume i enjoy working on stuff so they bring their broke stuff over and expect me to fix it. and i'm so broke i do it even though i hate it. and then more people see me working on other peoples stuff and assume i am in business of fixing stuff and they bring their stuff over.

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