RV Driveway Surfing (“Moochdocking”) – Tips for Camping on Private Property

When we first hit the road, we started getting invitations to come park in people’s driveways. We were reluctant at first, as our goal wasn’t saving money – and this felt like mooching. Over the years, we’ve gotten much more comfortable accepting these generous offers.

For us, it’s about some truly awesome experiences being temporary neighbors while we deepen friendships. The luxury of being close by for spontaneous hang outs, getting local knowledge and not being a guest in someone’s home. It’s pretty priceless actually.

In this video chat, we’ll share some tips on being a good driveway guest to make sure you’re invited back again. We’ll also share some things hosts might need to know about having a RV guest on their property.

This video has an accompanying blog post at:
www.technomadia.com/driveway with ‘show notes’.

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We have been full time RVers since 2006, and love sharing a slice of our life with others at www.technomadia.com .. and hopefully provide some useful discussion topics to help others in their planning process.

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This is an archive of a live video chat recorded on June 16, 2016 – but was recorded with a local camera for a better viewing experience. Join in a future video chat live by subscribing to our email list from www.technomadia.com/video.

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30 thoughts on “RV Driveway Surfing (“Moochdocking”) – Tips for Camping on Private Property

  1. It was great fun joining you two for this terrific chat. And the afterparty was a blast. Thank you both for providing so much worthwhile content. ?

  2. I'm in Navarre, FL and would love to offer up some space.

    How do I reach out to find people?

    We're Chalet pop up types….

    I'm close to the beach, no CCR, outdoor wood stove, garden…

    open property, had a shipping container dropped…

    In my 20s I worked for Green Tortoise hostel.

    Hmu if you can give me pointers.

  3. I ENJOYED watching & learning ….. This was a GREAT informational video that will help folks to better understand the subjects that you covered …. Thank you for sharing … 🙂
    Safe travels to you both !!
    Rick S. (Massachusetts)

  4. Great video folks! I like that you make the distinction that the bus is your home and you do sleep in a 'real' bed. Most folks don't get it, that full-time RVers are not 'homeless' , just 'house-less'. My wife and I will be nomads soon, but for medical and family reasons, we will stay in the SE USA. Now we are checking out campgrounds in our 'base' area, after a one year learning curve (I could write a book on what not to do!). Once we get the schedule down, I hope to end up with 2-3 week periods so we can do some exploring. Love the videos and have safe adventures!

  5. This seems like a wonderful opportunity to build some strong social ties that might otherwise be difficult to come by when you became nomadic. I am expecting that some of our existing social structure will change as we become more nomadic. You mentioned in a previous video that many nomadic encounters, just by their short and transitory nature, are somewhat shallow. For mental health it is important as we age to still maintain and build healthy relationships with others.

  6. Great video, love to listen to you two. Have you considered making some of your videos as Podcasts? When I am working outside or driving, much of your content is good to listen to, and I don't need the visual part-especially the video chat archives which are each about an hour long. I love my iPod touch for on the road listening. Just a thought.

  7. I love class A that are no more than 12' in high and 38' or under in length ex truck drive i can put that 38' just about anywhere and being at 12' or less takes away a lot of those over head tree branches

  8. Great video! I can't wait until we are out on the road exploring! Working on getting rid of all the junk we have accumulated over the last 38 years! We have Volkswagens, so we know those oil spots quite well! I also have e cats, one of which absolutely hates riding in pet carrier in the car! Whatever rv, travel trailer or 5th wheel we decide to get will probably just have to let her ride free in while traveling! Do you think that is a good idea or do you have any suggestions to calm her down!

  9. Cool ,If your near Baltimore come and hang out in my drive way.But I do have my house up for sale now.Maybe I will get an RV too.

  10. Great video as always guys, incidentally you mentioned downtown Atlanta, home of Blackberry Smoke and Chris always reminds me of Paul Jackson guitarist of said band.

  11. Thank you for a great informative video! We've done one time of driveway surfing and it wasn't the best experience! Wish we would have know some of this before time! LOL!

  12. Good lord, I think it's way too much hassle and pressure to be driveway surfing on someone's property you barely know. I would rather go camp at state, fed, BLM land or pay for a campsite.

  13. I love how informative your videos are, at the same time it's a bit discouraging seeing how much effort and responsibility this life style takes

  14. hey, I was wonder if u could do a video about ur cat towards rving? maybe cola berate with someone who owns a dog? questions like vet? and get the ready and storing food? cage them? if I missed a video where u did the video please let me know!! thank u so much

  15. I've been a member of Boondockers Welcome for over four years now. I've had the pleasure of being hosted numerous times around North America AND I have had the extreme pleasure of hosting other members at my place. What I find particularly interesting is the number of International Travellers that I've had at my place. Generally they come to North America and either rent an RV or even purchase one if they are on extended trips. One guest even had his camper van shipped over in a container for his nine month adventures.

    I've had guests from England, Italy, Switzerland, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and India. Most recently was a family of five from Denmark in a rented RV exploring Canada for the next three months. I've met some wonderful people and made some wonderful friendships. RVers are GREAT folks.

    I have a six month trip planned for next spring/summer/fall to the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland and will be taking advantage of BDW members when possible.

  16. Thank you for that Orlando comment and donating your wine. I am from Orlando and had friends of friends who died. Thank you also for your contribution to this lifestyle. It is very helpful to me as a new RVer with part-time aspirations. <3

  17. Very informative and very entertaining. Thank you.

    The RVing I have done has shown me that the RV community are (usually) awesome, friendly people.

    I am seriously considering selling my house and going full time with my 30' Hurricane and hope someday to have the privilege of meeting you.

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