Ryobi 2-Cycle Trimmer Fuel Lines, Carb and Rebuild, and mixture adjustment!

WARNING: This video is EXTREMELY LONG – over an hour and a half in run time!

In this video I set about getting one of my non functioning Ryobi CS26 26cc 2-cycle string trimmers working again. I replace the fuel lines and fuel filter, clean the carburetor, and do a partial rebuild on the carb as well. I also do a mixture adjustment using a special tool for ZAMA carbs.



13 thoughts on “Ryobi 2-Cycle Trimmer Fuel Lines, Carb and Rebuild, and mixture adjustment!

  1. The video is far too long, with lots of material that could have been easily deleted while including the vital information. Already its been up for over a year and only 14k views

  2. I did not have that special tool to adjust the carburetor so I ended up sawing a little notch on the top of those screws and I can now adjust them using a flat screwdriver. It revs perfectly now. I have got to get one of those fuel line kits now as the return line has got a little hole in it and I know how to thread them through in to the tank thanks to this video.
    Great and very helpful video, thanks buddy.

  3. Hey this is total genius. I pulled out the fuel filter and had no idea how to get the fuel line  back. With a length of stiff wire and a sharp end to the tubing, it went back very first go. Thanks.

  4. Hi, I had previously asked if you could make a video of how to reassemble the ryobi from thepull string wheel all the way to put the 4 screws in the plastic. nose of the shaft. Im not sure if you consider me worthy of learning..

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