Saying Goodbye To My BMW 325i Engine

This is part 2 of removing my BMW 325i engine. If you want to learn more about my E46 build check out my past videos.

Instagram: @BMWselena

Intro to my E46 Build:

Auto to manual fan conversion:
I have a bimmerfest 2017 vlog up on ShoplifetvVlogs

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36 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye To My BMW 325i Engine

  1. This Chicky muscling tires off, doing her own engine swaps , ?Yoooo!! Big Salute to you Selena and make sure you give dem wheels back…?

  2. Selena the first time i tried to get the motor out of an e46 i didnt disconnect half the stuff you did lol missed that ground cable and the secondary airpump stuff :(( lol hopefully wont miss it next time i try to do so good job and keep it up

  3. WOW !! It's great to see a hot girl work on her car . I'm actually lucky that my girl enjoys getting dirty with me when I'm doing mods .

  4. I think Selena you should talk to my wife .When I offer to show her anything mechanically related all I get back is '' I have you what do I need to know for'' Thing is she insisted I knew how to cook 25 years later I still haven't cooked her anything just on principleĀ  LOL Daz UK

  5. Selena.

    Do you do diagnostics as well? Your videos show r&r, and there is nothing wrong with that as I find that people that diagnose are not good at r&r and people that r&r are not good at diagnosis. Very rare you find a person that is equally good at both.

    Call us sometime.

  6. its obvious you know your way around a BMW. the gm you pulled the ls3 out of I see you struggled a little. are you going to use the complete subframe and drive line from the gm to simplify the installation or build custom?

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