Scotts Model 21595X8B Lawn Mower 6.5HP OHV Intek B & S – Broken Craigslist Finds – April 18, 2014

Got this Scott’s Broken Lawn Mower free on our local Craigslist, this one is self propelled. I had regular push mower Scotts that is in need of an engine similar to this. Not sure if this engine is any good or not the rope is broken out of it, stored under a deck sideways, most of the oil has poured out of it. Have been looking for a engine replacement in the really nice push Scotts Lawn Mower. Both Scotts have the same engines the Intek 6.5HP OHV Briggs and Stratton engine. Will first clean this before I even touch it. Will go through the valves to see if they are stuck, check for spark and then off with the gas tank and the carburetor.



11 thoughts on “Scotts Model 21595X8B Lawn Mower 6.5HP OHV Intek B & S – Broken Craigslist Finds – April 18, 2014

  1. Wow, That Side discharge one is really a nice frame.. I hope you can get the engine on that Junker to go so you can swap them over.

  2. Hey dude, dont keep tht engine for parts! Put 2 cycle oil in the spark plug hole, and regular oil in the crank case and it should free up… tilt the mower back tho

  3. Just a tip for ya man….on that second mower u have there the one u have had for two years….tip it back and if the push rods aren't bent u can make it run again….put 3 parts deseil fuel and 2 parts marvel mystery oil in a oil squirt can take the head off and squirt some of the mixture into the piston bore and on the valves ….tip it back first ….let the mixture sit in the hole of the piston for 24 hrs….turn the blade after 24 hrs….back and forth…it should free up….then put more of the mixture in the same way…another 24hrs….put it back together and I bet it will be free enough to move ….I did this with a seized 13.5 hp flat head Briggs ….and after a week it was free enough to start and it's still running today!!!!

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