Seadoo Rebuild Assembling the Top Half

Well holy crap there is tornado warnings and heavy rain and we are dumb enough to stay in the garage to drink beers and assemble the top half of the seadoo xp engine. most important to add the 40ml of 30 weight oil to the crankcase where the counter balance shaft is. before putting your pistons on the connecting rods make sure everything is lubed up so there is no dry start up. make sure the cylinders and pistons are all lubed up and ready to go. A piston ring compressor would work great but not really needed as you can do this without.



22 thoughts on “Seadoo Rebuild Assembling the Top Half

  1. Quick question, is it possible to remove and bypass the oil injection pump on a 1998 Sea Doo GTX limited 951 engine?
    mine look like there in bad shape and I don't want to run the risk of loosing the engine due to oil failure. I would like to run premix oil/gas if possible.

    Thank you and I love your videos.

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