32 thoughts on “Seadoo Rotax 4-Tec Engine Rebuild 350+Hp – How To

  1. great video, I have a few questions if you could email me about it. ive done car engine rebuild, work with turbo and all does performance parts but never work on a jetski, I got a great deal on one with engine hydrolock(lake water) and just been sitting in storage… Im looking to rebuild it and would like to know what silicon gasket maker you use putting together the 2 bottom ends? what are the timing on it for crank, balancer n cam gear? lilgsxrturbo@gmail.com ill appreciate the info thank you

  2. I always rev my shit up too 9500 rpm on a fresh motor Cause its really good for it woooohoooo  lol great Video

  3. Hey. I got to rebuild a 2011 sea doo speedster 150 rotax 4- Tec stock. What kind of socket are those bolts and what sizes do I need ?

  4. I am considering using a modified 4 tec as the power for a 16 foot jet ski jon boat.  The engine build looks simple and straightforward.  I assume the half moons you describe are thrust limiters.  You don't use steel cups under the dual valve springs?      What is the seat pressure on those springs?

  5. nice video man..
    i wish someone made one for rotax 583 🙂

    really curious..
    did the doggy give up on ya and pee inside ?
    sounded like he really wanted to go out 🙂

  6. i was wonder me if u can help me, my jet ski has a problem with the rpm, it doesn't reach more than 6000rpm and it has to go up to 7000 or more, the jet ski only has 4 hour, i take it to the dealer and they say that a have to replace the pump but it is not cover on the warranty. my question is: what is the deal between pump and rpm. this one is a yamaha v1 2015

  7. who makes the ecu?
    what size injectors?
    which supercharger, how many teeth on super charger gear?
    what size cyl bore?
    Are you using aftermarket camshaft?

  8. awesome video that thing is reving some serious rpms! i recently bought an rxtx 260 (2015) 8 HOURS on it and it has a riva stage one kit on it, I'm trying to locate where the speed override would be? any help?

  9. Hi, thanks for the video.  I have one of these motors in my seadoo and have a severe oil loss problem, somehow the oil in the engine is leaking out fast.  I cant see where it is coming from. It will lose all the oil within 15 minutes.  would you have any suggestions?  the oil sits in side the hull.

  10. i noticed you torqued the Carrillo SM8 rod bolts, but where did you come up with a torque number? those bolts are to be stretched, not torqued. If people follow your procedure you will be having a lot of people with blown engines………..

  11. Your opinion would be appreciated. I have a low oil pressure issue with a knocking noise, so Im thinking bearings.
    The other issue I have is a weird cranking issue. It cranks extremely slow like a dead battery. Last time I rode it, as I was idling to the ramp, it felt like it jammed up, like something got stuck in the impeller or the engine was about to seize. It freed up about 5 seconds later. Could this be a bearing issue as well?
    Before this, I have had to have the valves replaced previously as the Inter-cooler failed sending water into the engine. This issue was misdiagnosed by 2 mechanics thinking it was a spark plug, coil issue or clogged valves. So unfortunately they suggested valve cleaner and to continue riding it. It wasn't until i removed the manifold and water poured out. So thinking this may have attributed to lower engine issues.
    After putting the head back on, this is when the oil pressure issue started. Will also note the the bolts holding the timing chain clog to the camshaft snapped when leaving the ramp. 2013 GTR 215

  12. hi my friend i just wanna make you a few questions:
    1) can i re-use all the bolts and screws??? or i have to buy any one?
    2) you move to oversize piston or stock size???

    im rebuilding my RXP-X 260 RS
    -aqua sports valve seals
    -oem bearings sets
    -wiseco piston kit 100.5mm (moving to oversize)
    -cometic gasket 101mm
    -pto gasket
    -valve guides exhaust & intake

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