Sears Craftsman 22 ” Lawn Mower 6.75 Eager-1 Engine – Not Worth Repairing – Feb 25, 2014

This is a Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower that a local neighbor asked me to check to see if its even worth repairing. It is not, Low Compression, The Starter Rope and various Dog Spring Plastic Parts Broken, and not Firing the Magneto would need to be replaced. Just not worthwhile to spend any money looks in really good shape. Its Model # 917.377582 Engine Model # 143.996704



34 thoughts on “Sears Craftsman 22 ” Lawn Mower 6.75 Eager-1 Engine – Not Worth Repairing – Feb 25, 2014

  1. Just replace the engine.. Those Tecumseh "Ultima" Engines are awful.. Like Really Really bad..

    You could put something as small as a 3.5 on on it and it would be fine.. even the Self propel will work fine with an engine of that size.. I've done it dozens of times and it's fine.. 

  2. My mom has that same lawnmower in pieces in her backyard cause it's junk and I was going to recycle it, but it's not worth the effort ūüôā

  3. hi cliff, nice video! My grandfather had the same mower as that, and it had that stupid carb problem and the deck had holes in it. So he bought a yard pro with a kohler(same engine as my mower).
    Keep up the good work!

  4. Be nice if you spoke about why compression is bad. Making the statement without the process of how you determined it is not helpful. Telling how you did not see spark would have also been helpful. Assume you disconnected it and grounded it and looked for spark right? No mention though

  5. I took apart the carburetor on this mower, and can figure out where to hook up the throttle linkage at?  There is a small hole in the top of the carb where to hook up a spring or something, but can't find a linkage or spring anywhere.  Any suggestions?

  6. i have the exact same mower, its no wonder they discontinued these tecumseh motors. the carb design is terrible. i rebuilt my carb and still has a slight miss. from now on, briggs and stratton only!

  7. I had a 97 just like this, and had a similar problem with the ignition coil, a dry rotted primer bulb and a slipping recoil starter. The self-propelled feature was great but made the mower heavy as hell when I didn't use it. By the time I knew how to fix it I already started stealing parts off of it and got a craftsman with an OHC Honda out of the trash that I fixed up and have been using the past 3 years.

  8. I have this same model …horrible design…I need to clean out the carburetor and it appears to be a nightmare to gain access to it….have to take the layers of outer housing off just to access it….horrible.¬†

  9. Wimp.  How do you know what the compression is without a pull cord?  Replace the magneto?  Are you kidding?  Check you kill switch work.  Don't post videos demonstrating your lack of gumption.

  10. Do you have a video of how to remove the coil housing? I've taken a few screws out, but figure out how to get the gas tank and oil tank off to actually replace the pull string… Thanks for the info!

  11. Of this mower could be worth repairing.  As a part-time hobby, I buy these types all the time from $25 to $40, spend on average $20 Р$30 on repairs and turn around and sell them for $125 to $170.  Magneto's are cheap, if in fact that's the issue.  The low compression symptoms could be due to a dirty or incorrectly gapped spark plug.  A majority of the problems are caused by homeowners not emptying the fuel tanks prior to storing for the winter season, hence stale fuel that gums up the carb.  However, this can be remedied by a carb clean or carb replacement.  New carbs can be purchased on eBay for as little as $15, so as you can see, just need to get creative, diagnose and use the Internet resources and this can be a fun and lucrative hobby.  This offsets my day trading and I love it.  Good luck!

  12. how did you check compression with out a pull start? just wondering. like your vids, will continue to do soo.

  13. Just was given one of these, free. Guy said it runs 4 seconds and dies. Good fuel, clean filter, new plug. I snapped off the carb [attaches similar to the cover of the brake fluid res on a car] and took it all apart. Using a can of duster air, cleared all the calibrated orifices and reassembled it.
    Runs like new now. He's since replaced it and I have no turf to mow. My ? is, what is a fair price I could expect to get for it? $100? More/less?
    Thanks in advance…

  14. I actually got one very similar to this today. I have never seen this carburetor before. It looks quite fancy and hi-tech with the machined aluminium fins, guess Ill find out tomorrow if its fancy to clean. Hoping I dont have to buy any parts because mine will replicate the fate this one did and be parts for someone. This one is much much cleaner than my "Out in the dirt floor barn " model. Not a Tecumseh fan either but do you know if these carbs were any better than most of the tecumseh carbs, or were they rare for a reason?

  15. I think its funny that people call it a nightmare to work on this model i rebuilt the engine and transmission on mine for a lit less than a 100 and only took an hour and a half not complicated at all its a walk behind theres nothing difficult about it

  16. You have to be careful not to "overprime" these engines, as you can easily hydraulic the cylinder, and if you're lucky just blow a head gasket. That's why the rope was so hard to pull and broke. I agree, a terrible piece of engineering.

  17. Hey thanks for the great video, got the same mower but my pull cord has no Tention, I think its the spring but can't get it fixed

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