Sears Craftsman 675 Series Lawn Mower – Free Easy Fix Craigslist Find! – Part I – April 27 ,2014

One easy fix on a Free Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Model # 917.389062 with a Briggs & Stratton 6.75 HP Plantinum Engine. This lawn mower was left to the curb for me to pickup he had hit something and the blade was hitting underneath. A few hammer time taps with a rubber mallet pushed the metal back out, solved the problem and started 1st pull! See a Part II coming soon will sharpen & balance the blade, clean the nasty air filter, give it a bath and do a final start. See Part II the final after look and start:



7 thoughts on “Sears Craftsman 675 Series Lawn Mower – Free Easy Fix Craigslist Find! – Part I – April 27 ,2014

  1. I got the same model but not starting its getting fuel fuel is clean new spark plug and it's getting spark checked carb cleaned seals all good . Still no start I noticed oil is dark grey changed that as well I picked mine up for free but can't get it started any suggestions?

  2. i have the 725ex and it is a big piece of crud ever made. it will start but after warming up and then shutting it down it will not start again unless i remove the air filter. while it is running again i can put filter back in place and it will stay running but don't dare let it shut down, then have to repeat the process. Nancy at Briggs told me i did not take care of it, i change oil every summer, i put 5 new filters in it i drain gas before storage i have done everything for it except sing "Soft Kitty" to it, i will try that next time. Or buy a different mower after this one cuts the top of my foot off while i replace the air filter. Oh, and i had it at 2 authorized service centers and the first had it for 2 months and finally told me he had no idea. The second reported to Nancy that i did not take care of it. I know he was just trying to save his autorization and his one tooth. Anyway i would not take one of these if it was given to me, just a headache.

  3. I know this is 3 years late, but just came across a similar issue where the blade was hitting that same piece of metal. of course the piece of metal was in way worse shape than yours.. there is a bolt on each side of the mower that holds that "Shield" in place, you can loosen them a little and push the shield forward/upward to provide more clearance.. however if they pushed the mower into something that bent the shield in, it requires a "Special Bodywork" tool like you displayed. 🙂 (ie: rubber mallet or even regular hammer to bend back into shape. 🙂
    Hope this helps others that come across this video.

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