Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Unboxing Review 7.25 Torque – 37037 push lawnmower

Unboxing of the Sears Craftsman 37037 push Lawn Mower. Total price was $240 with free shipping. 7.25 Torque 190cc – This lawnmower will make cutting the grass around the garden alot easier, i used to trim it all with a weed eater and it would take forever. My riding lawn mower wouldnt fit inside the gate. This Sears Craftsman mower also handles steep slopes and under trees and bushes with a lot less work than a string trimmer. The bagged grass will make good compost for the garden.



9 thoughts on “Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower Unboxing Review 7.25 Torque – 37037 push lawnmower

  1. I suspect I will be in the market for a new mower this spring too my old one has seen better days and I doubt that it will start this spring, never know till I try it though, I use them till they drop dead. LOL

  2. It could be the gas you are putting in them. The ethanol is like poison for these small engines. I took out by 2 year old troy bilt trimmer and the fuel hose in the tank had turned to mush. In addition, I experienced shut off problems last year with my tractor, 1 year after getting a new carb kit put in. I was told it was caused by the ethanol. Switched to non ethanol and it worked fine.

  3. Google Ethanol free gas north carolina, the first result should be pure-gas dot org. That will give you a list of stations in your area that carry the ethanol free gas.

  4. I wish I could have read you comment about the weedeater. I just bought this mower as I have an old school lawnboy self-propelled 90's model I got at a yard sale and thought it would be the last mower I had to own but I didn't realize they don't make parts for the 2 strokers anymore when I have to work on it. I bought this mower today and it is a beast. If I do get the lawnboy running I'm seriously considering taking it back, or at putting it on standby. It cuts awesome but MTD is new junk.

  5. Ethanol is like taxes its here to stay,the automotive industries already adapted,it is time the small engine industries adapt and start making better carburators and fuel delivery systems insted of blaiming the consumers for their shortcomings and stop trying to sell us fuel stabilizers and extra shit to profit from.

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