43 thoughts on “Sears Craftsman Riding Mower problems

  1. Sounds like a vapor lock issue due to valves being set incorrectly or a blown head gasket allowing oil to get into the combustion chamber .
    oil does not compress thus not allowing the engine to turn over.

  2. I have a riding craftsman LT2000 18.5 OHV Lawn Mower I bought it about 8 Years ago and had nothing but trouble with it from the day I bought it until now. If I cut the lawn and I park it , the battery dies the next day. Sears came and change the starter, same problem ,Second time change the battery , same problem , third change the alternator, same problem. Until now I am still starting it with a booster pack. I called Sears until I fed up and decided to park the piece of crap. NEVER EVER WILL I BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AGAIN.

  3. We have a sears craftsman 17hp Briggs & Stratton engine it keeps shearing the pins what is causing the problem. Thursday when I started the mower it back fired and caught a fire. It starts but does not stay running and keeps shearing a pin?

  4. girlsfriend's mother has a craftsman riding mower less than 2 years old. Keeps stalling then wont start. She has an extended warranty but when tech comes out it starts. Sears refuses to replace this defective crap!!!!

  5. i understand you are upset with sears about the sears machine. the engine is another thing, if the engine fails to crank the valves may be suspect not the whole engine needs to be recalled sir. the valves need to be checked for proper gap, if they are out of adjustment they will cause a no start situation, meaning engine will spin about 1/4 to 1/2 over then stop. the engine does not need to be recalled just the valves fixed, no biggie. unfortunately briggs does not use hydraulic valves as some of the high end kohler engines do use, which causes some of the issues you are having with the engine.

  6. i have owned sears mowers and tractors since my my dad taught me about them.The quality just isnt as good anymore,it happens when companies dont listen to their customers and make a cheaper product.There is better quality elsewhere now so i had no choice but to change

  7. I agree with Isa posting. The valves need adjustment. What is happening is the exhaust valve is not opening at the right time which raises the compression so high that the engine will not crank over. You'll hear the starter try to engage and then just not seem to have the power to crank the engine.

  8. I have a 1993 craftsman mower with a 18hp briggsnstraton motor runs great but wen I ignite the blades it dyes,I have already by passed safety switches so wat else could cause it to dye?

  9. Ive got a Polan XT riding mower that wont go in gear in any gear
    Model number is 960160024 what do i do to fix that

  10. Thanks for the video. Excellent report. "Gold" is Sears lingo for poo poo. My father's 1963 Toro w/ hundreds of working hours will still start and cut grass–lacks some power it had in its youth. Sears and B&S have jointly "refined" the engineering for its engines. In the past, you might get 1 or 2 years out of a Sears mower; now you will be lucky to get 3 cuts out of it. All around: Sears Sucks.

  11. D Chaffin..I have a craftsman 10HP ride and mulch 30" ridding mower and it won't go into gear forward or reverse. It worked fine always but started it up but it won't go into gear, any idea's how I can fix it? Seems like something came unhooked to happen that fast.

  12. Over time the valves get loose, and need to be tightened (to the precise amount, *see owners manual or contact manufacturer for correct valve adjustment distance).

    As someone wrote earlier, look up Valve Adjustment videos and with the right tools the adjustment can be done in 15 minutes or less.

  13. I have found that both Craftsman and Kenmore products aren't the high quality they used to be!! And Sears customer service sucks now…and they really have to wonder why they're closing stores and failing??

  14. It's not a bad motor. If is says ohv on top of the head valve cover then thats your problem. You have to adjust them every year at the start of the mowing season. Ten minute fix. Just search on youtube  ( how to adjust ohd valves on briggs

  15. This is a good rant…same problems even back to 2006….domino effect on electrical system…CRAPSMAN is not reliable anymore.Sad when one uses it for 3 runs in a season and it costs hundreds every year just to keep the damn thing running.

  16. Hello again, In the mid 80's, the small engine mfr's got together (because people
    wanted more horsepower) they decided that the formula for determining horsepower
    was "outdated" and applied "more to torque", they agreed that the NEW standard
    for horsepower would be "based" on rpm's. So higher speeds mean more horsepower (not strength). To achieve these "higher speeds" they gutted most of the
    strength from their engines! So, "consequently", a little too much OR too little OIL
    will KILL engines. How people have you heard about "blowing engines" vs 20 years ago?  An OLD 8 HP Briggs/Kohler/Tecumseh will do everything better than a 16 HP
    nowadays….and you don't have to "baby them". Plus they're stronger!

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