See Through Engine on NITROMETHANE – Blow Up Attempts 1 -9 Crazy !

The See-Through Engine is back to take on Nitromethane in 4K Slow Motion as promised, This is the first time Nitromethane has ever been filmed in High Speed and the Nitromethane burn was so amazing, it was incredible and burned a frost white.
I hope everyone enjoys this episode and I can’t wait to film a follow-up episode where I take this to the next level, eventually it has to blow up completely. Also, you can see just how and the engine really works and the internal engine combustion process in this video very well.
Feel free to use any of these episodes off youtube for educational purposes in your class.

If You cant watch the whole video here’s the program guide but please come back and watch it from beginning to end:

Test Run Rc Fuel – 02:13
Blow Up attempt #1 – 02:53
Blow Up attempt #2 – 04:01
Blow Up attempt #3 – 04:28
Blow Up attempt #4 – 04:40
Blow Up attempt #5 – 04:53
Blow Up attempt #6 – 05:17
Test Run Nitro – 09:14
See Thru Nitro Test – 10:54
High Speed Nitro – 11:56
Blow Up attempt #7 – 13:05
Blow Up attempt #8 – 14:01
Blow Up attempt #9 – 15:44 FINAL

Thanks to VP fuels which in my opinion is the best dang fuel there is, they are the leaders! here’s their website:

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Watch this in 4k whether you have a 4k tv or not, it looks incredibly insane, in a good way. its awesome !

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28 thoughts on “See Through Engine on NITROMETHANE – Blow Up Attempts 1 -9 Crazy !

  1. Would be interesting to measure fuel consumption versus work under load (dynamo) with a normal head and with a transparent head — I wonder how much energy loss occurs by letting out the visible light from the combustion?

  2. Idea: By Using Race Fuel To See What would make more power A Carb Engine EFI Tune Port Injection Multi Port Injection Standard Fuel Injection and Direct Fuel Injection

  3. That’s definitely “the little engine that could” !! I bet the JR.dragsters guys have blew up manny engines with a lot less effort

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