See Through Engine (S1 • E3) Different Fuels [WD-40 -Acetone -Stoichiometric Gas ] 4K

See Through Engine Part 3, Various Fuels in 4K super slow motion and ultra slow motion. This time we run various fuels through our glass head see through Briggs and Stratton engine to see how, and if they burn any different then gasoline in the transparent internal combustion engine I.C.E.
Fuels we burned in this episode: gasoline stoichiometric AFR, Carburetor Cleaner, Acetone and WD-40.

Program Guide Below:

►► 03:24 Gas Stoichiometric 600 Frames Per Second.
►► 05:23 Gas Stoichiometric 4000 Frames Per Second.
►► 05:53 Gas Stoichiometric 8000 Frames Per Second.
►► 07:30 Carburetor Cleaner 4000 Frames Per Second.
►► 08:54 Acetone 4000 Frames Per Second.
►► 10:45 WD-40 2500 Frames Per Second.
►► 11:54 WD-40 4000 Frames Per Second.
►► 13:03 WD-40 4000 Frames Per Second Atomized Burn.

Things to Notice: Interesting as I open the throttle note how the mixture changes to increase power for acceleration, and as I let off the throttle it leans out and turn blue.

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Links to subjects we addressed or referenced in this episode:

Stoichiometry :

Proper Air Fuel Ratio:

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Watch this in 4k whether you have a 4k tv or not, it looks incredibly insane, in a good way. its awesome !

Directed By: Matt Mikka

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31 thoughts on “See Through Engine (S1 • E3) Different Fuels [WD-40 -Acetone -Stoichiometric Gas ] 4K

  1. That's not a miss fire, the mag throws a spark with every revolution of the flywheel. If you put a load on the engine, it would give better combustion flames.

  2. The last run with the WD-40 was perfect ! The oil is burned completely exactly when the piston is at the
    bottom dead center. I watched the slomo plus 0.25 times youtube speed. Amazing. Great job !

  3. kind of irresponsible to create a tutorial and not even use or at least forewarn about the multiple dangers, like no ventilation you need to verbalize this. we humans care about each others family members that watch these tutorials and then try to mimick.

  4. im no professional, but shouldn't you be in a ventilated area.?? please tell viewers that your garage door should be up, people have died in enclosed areas with gas engines running. frequently even !!!!!!

  5. really interesting vid, but you are wasting most of the fuel to the ground. thats not really good for nature. so thumbs down

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