See Thru Engine on Turbo Nitro and Dyno (How much HP does it make?)

In this Episode, I take the see-through engine, add nitromethane, a turbocharger, and a dynamometer to see how much horsepower this small engine can actually make and if it will Blow.

The first test I run is with nitromethane alone. The second test is with the turbocharger and nitromethane.
I think you will be very surprised with the results as I use a dino that I built to measure the horsepower output of the engine every step of the way to see which changes made the biggest difference.

If you want to watch any of the previous see-through engine episodes they are in the series playlist.

Below you can find the tachometer that I used in this episode.

it was the best, cheapest and had the best reviews of any tachometer I can find, it was also battery-operated which I thought was pretty awesome.

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Watch this in 4k whether you have a 4k tv or not, it looks incredibly insane, in a good way. it’s awesome!

Directed By: Matt Mikka

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32 thoughts on “See Thru Engine on Turbo Nitro and Dyno (How much HP does it make?)

  1. I noticed that your tach reads the electrical charge running through the spark plug wire.
    I also noticed in previous episodes of this, especially in the slow-motion clips, that your spark plug fires twice per revolution.
    When I heard the engine and read the tach, it looks very much to me to be reading double the actual RPM. Confirm?

  2. Beside the issue of WAY to big of a turbo, I would be willing to bet that the turbo wasn't spooling because of the single exaust pulse hitting it only 1/4 of the run time. I would bet you could come up with a super charger by modifying the turbo and hooking it to the crank shaft, that would even out the pressure coming from the compressor during the run. The next step would be making a dry system, maybe from one of the mechanical fuel injector from systems from Go Power Sports. I bet it could be rigged up to be a blow through system? Also curious if you put a boost gauge on it to even see if it was building any boost at all?

  3. With high rpm comes high crank case pressure, you need some way to evacuate the crankcase. Put vacuum on the crank case.
    when the pressure is equal to or greater than the cylinder pressure the rpm cant increase.

  4. Look at what the oil looks like on a Top Fuel car that runs nitromethane. It looks just like yours. It's the Nitro washing down the cylinder wall mixing with your oil.

  5. Them engines run for ever are lawn mower engine is still going after ten years of fitting a corn flake box for a head gasket what i did years ago lol😂😂

  6. Old briggs things run forever they're pretty badass it's pretty wild I enjoyed that video I'm a mechanic myself I like doing projects and s***

  7. And so became a story about burning different fuels to blow up a lawnmower engine to a story about what you can pimp your lawnmower with 😀

  8. Try a Paxton supercharger or any other blower setup. I can't wait to see it. Please try it. Superchargers are more efficient and reliable I think.

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