Seized Lawn Mower Engine Fix (PB Blaster)

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This is a short video made after I accidentally seized up my lawnmower engine by forgetting to put oil in! Maybe it can help someone else figure out how to unseize their engine as well (and prevent a lot of embarrassment!).

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20 thoughts on “Seized Lawn Mower Engine Fix (PB Blaster)

  1. So, here's the update — about 2 months after the video, my mower died. Piston broke. I was told by a guy at the dealership that when oil is run very low (in my case, none!) often the metal is damaged, but it can still run for several more hours before it snaps. So, I can't guarantee what I did in the video will work (of course), and, if it does, it might work for 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, or more! Remember that in my case I ran it with literally NO OIL at all, not even a little, so it was worst case scenario.

  2. I forgot to put oil back in
    My $3000 toro ran it didnt
    Sound right. Then it hit me
    Dang. Well needless to say it shut off then i meesed up my starter trying to crank it
    Well i took out spark plug
    Sprayed PB blaster in it
    Alot of it. Let it sit a day
    Went back it didnt turn good at first. But then it turned over. Fired right up.
    Thank God and PB blaster
    Now i pray it runs like new
    Thanks for the info
    Now you have a nice day ?

  3. It worked!!!! Thanks a ton! Now I'll see how long it lasts. I don't believe my mower went very long at all without oil but even if I get a few more uses out of it I'll be happy.

  4. Thanks for this video! The technique worked for me!! My mower had a tiny bit of oil on the dipstick before I refilled it so I'm hoping the pistons are still good for the long term. We'll see!

  5. I have had a lot of experience with small engines, repaired several, and consider myself "good with small engines". Regardless, on more than one occasion, I've drained oil out of a machine only to find that I don't have my preferred weight of oil "in stock". I know without a doubt that I would forget that the machine needs oil added back in after a few days of dealing with kids, etc, which would put me in your exact situation. So… try not to feel too bad. My tip for you that has never failed to save me from the same fate? Put an empty bottle of oil on top of the engine and loosen the dipstick to "remind you" later that there might be an oil problem on that machine. Later, you will think "Why did I put this garbage bottle on the engine and leave the dipstick dangling?" It will trigger your latent memory of draining the oil and you will breath a sigh of relief. I call it a little mind hack, and it works for many other things as well.

  6. guess some people shouldnt work on motors, winterizing means you just drain the gas and run it dry, nobody ever takes the oil out, and its like those people who forget to put oil in 2 strokes and ruin 300 dollar top ends on dirt bikes and chainsaws and stuff cause they let someone borrow it, i may forget alot of things and screw up alot of things but as im very mechanically inclined i learned the easy way to always always run good mix, always put oil back in something after i rebuild it, and never do anything like put gas in a diesel or anything like that, mark my words you wont catch me dead straight gassing a chainsaw or running a motor without oil unless that motor developed a leak during operation that i couldnt see from where i was at, cause that happened once but i cought it in the nick of time and the motor was fine so it was all good

  7. Sometimes that stuff works & sometimes it doesn't.

    My dad got a Toyota Camry of one of my brothers friends for $500 AUD because they used some exhaust manifold gasket material for the engine sump plug washer.

    Well,over time, the engine locked up because it lost all of its oil,once the engine cooled down,it could be driven onto the back of a truck.

    They put another engine it & no one could get it going except me,the old engine had nothing wrong with it so would've just needed new rings fitted after being pulled apart,my brother decided to get it rebored when he fitted it into his car (waste of money), the engine got recycled after he thought he stuffed the bearings up in it after the oil pump failed which was brand new.

    He couldn't be bothered checking the main & conrod bearings after pulling it out of the car,he ended up bolting another used motor into it.

    I have an Chevy LS1 in my car that engine lifter free additives has had limited success with,it may have freed the stuck plungers but I think both the rollers & camshaft has suffered some damage, they all squeak now.

    Number 8 exhaust lifter still ticks sometimes,I think its roller sticks, if I was a rogue I'd sell the car to some poor bugger but I need to replace the camshaft & lifters in the next few weeks.

  8. Those are hard lessons to learn bro, don't let it happen again; it's for example I forgot to put ammo on my rifle, lol ….

  9. FYI — after I got it working, I only ran it for a few minutes, and then changed the oil (again) to get the PB Blaster out of the engine as much as I could. I'm guessing it's corrosive over time.

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