Servicing/rebuild your starter motor

When most starters quit, they only need a clean-up of water or oil ingression and carbon dust deposits, their brushes and commutators are within specifications.
New starters cost hundreds $ and any parts could be hard to find. Servicing them with a bit of creativity could save you some money. Brushes could be somehow extended but the commutator segments have to be long enough. Brushes could be as short as 5.5mm not 55mm, my slip.
Do maintain electrical separation between the baseplate + housing + 2 bare wired brushes (ground side) and cable terminal + 2 insulated brushes + armature coil (battery positive terminal side).
Total service time on this starter: 1 hr



41 thoughts on “Servicing/rebuild your starter motor

  1. hi theo nice vids i learn a lot….. my delica 4by4 stuck a month a go cause starter solenoid or lost connection or something like you said maybe need to clean and check up a side thats probs anything else? tnx bro,,, god bless pto prin city phi

  2. I did the same on mine it spins freely and the test seemed to be good on it but i put it back on the motor to try and start my boat and its turning really slow again should i just buy a new starter ?

  3. FYI, if you do want to replace brushes in a unit similar to the one in the video, is easiest to cut the copper lead of the brush you are replacing just long enough to solder the new brush to. That way you don't have to worry about brazing or spot welding it to the housing.

  4. When would you replace a starter motor before the brushes wear down and you break down miles from home? Cheers

  5. That sucks! I replaced my starter two days ago. Now I know how easy it is to just clean it instead. $187 down the drain!

  6. Was that a kawasaki jet ski starter by any chance? Mine is broken and i cant seem to get it the starter off the engine. Any tips?

  7. I got a entire rebuild kit for $19.00. The kit included everything you need to make it like new again. Just needed to clean up the commutator with ribbon of emory cloth.

  8. My starter motor had helical springs placed inside the brush housing, and not coil springs like yours. Was a pain in the ass to put it back. Took me 3 hours. I used dental floss to compress the brushes.

  9. how would i know if its the starter motor that doesn't work. my bike won't even make any noise when i press the ignition button, no click or any thing. the only thing that happens is the headlight goes out.

  10. Hi I have a swing 125 and the magnets have become detached from the body can they be reattached or can I get a new body with the magnets on?

  11. i would recomend filling the gaps between the magnets with none metalic araldite /resin compound because when the magnets break loose they cannot go anywhere , its happened to me on bad roads in europe ,

  12. The problem I see in this video is you put way too much grease on the shaft where the brushes are. The first thing that will happen is the grease will get between the brushes and the commutator, which will cause it to fail eventually. Don't use that much grease. Only a dab on the shaft is necessary.

  13. Thanks for this great video, cristal clear explanation !Β It was useful for my 94 Transalp starter rebuilt. You must be Ed China brother… or very close to him.

  14. Hi my Jeep Cherokee is not starting just click when I turn the key. when under the truck checking the starter Sparks came out. tighten the wire and then no Sparks but still don't start just click what can that say?

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