Setting Crankshaft & Camshaft timing on most Industrial Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh Engines


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

On most single cylinder industrial engines the camshaft gear is driven directly by the crankshaft gear. On each gear is a mark that must line up with each other for the camshaft to be timed correctly with the crankshaft. If the marks are not aligned, than the engine will not run correctly or will not start at all.

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25 thoughts on “Setting Crankshaft & Camshaft timing on most Industrial Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh Engines

  1. um you dent meacion abut the pistion having to be at T.D.C (for yous that dont know t.d.c is top dead center witch your #1 piston has to be to set the timing

  2. I have the same configured engine but a Briggs & Stratton. I am having a problem cranking it. It pulls the crank cable back forcefully. What could be the problem. Thanks

  3. Hi Enjoy the videos ,I have a 13 hp motor chinese from harbor freight It runs a generator,I am running it on hydrogen I need to retard the timing for more efficent burning of the HHO,hydrogen burns 10 time faster than gas so I need to play with the timing,I would like to do it through electronics or like in your video with the cam and crank one tooh at a time,do you have any suggestions,thanks Dominic.

  4. what would happen if you were to take out the low oil sensor? im going to install my motor on a mini bike and i dont want the motor to shut off when i take a sharp turn and the oil sloshes to one side.

  5. How would I advance the timing? Is it just be as simple as rotating the camshaft a few teeth forward in its natural direction of travel?

    Say I have a 9hp Honda clone with about 14 lbs of torque. It maintains max torque at only 2500 rpm, but can run at well over 3600 rpm and does so frequently (modded for go kart). How would I go about changing this if I want more top end power?

  6. I have 3 sensation mowers. I found the 10 inch round discs that goes on these mowers. They attach to the blade. I was told the hub goes first to the crankshaft then put on this disc then the blade then the bolt. Please advise. THX!!

  7. make sure the piston is set to top dead center (piston at the top of the barrel) otherwise the cam will be 180 degrees out. thanks for info.

  8. Great video, I think I have a spring gone on the decompression system as she is hard to crank with the recoil removed.
    Thank you.

  9. Thanks a bunch. I didn't think and just picked out the camshaft to check things out. Then realized I didn't mark the position! Your video helped me a bunch. Turns out to be simple. Thanks again!

  10. Very helpful for me, I thank you, I tought I had a cam problem, didn't know about that decompression device, so I looked elsewhere for the reason why it did not start and It was finaly a carb problem.

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