39 thoughts on “Setting The Ignition Coil Gap On a Briggs

  1. @nathanielnzl That is the governor air vane. When the shroud is on it, the air pushed by the flywheel that not only cools the engine, pushes against the engine to keep it at a constant speed. It also opens up the throttle when the engine bogs down to keep up. Make sense? Some governors are internal on briggs and tecumseh engines and run off of the cam shaft I believe. Thanks for watching!

  2. @specialforces2263 If you have a wire coming from under the flywheel, you have a points system and that should attach to the coil somewhere. Hard to say without seeing it….

  3. @specialforces2263 there usually are two wires from a coil pack on a points system engine. One wire goes to ground, the other goes up under the flywheel to the ignition points and condenser and sometimes there is a terminal for a kill wire….. hope this helps!

  4. @MrMilitantviper There would be no gap between the coil and flywheel, the coil would pull up tight to the flywheel. It would not turn over easy and you wouldnt have spark.

  5. Stoop! Pull magneto back all the way. Tighten bolts. Rotate engine til magnets line up w/coil. Insert card. Loosen bolts. Magnets will suck coil into place. Tighten bolts. Done! While housing is off, tighten the 2 little intake manifold screws. Blow out the fins w/compressed air. Do not overtighten these little screws and bolts.

  6. thanks for vid. recently changed the diaphragm on carb but after starting engine the revs came in pulses I think this is the prob since I did remove the coil screws.

  7. That sounds like a carburetor and or governor issue…. if the coil gap was that bad it would either be hard to start or not start at all
    ive had those diaphram primer carbs do that to me and sometimes if the filter screen that is plugged up or the spring under the diaphragm that jumps out of place. Plus, it the diaphragm isnt in the right order on top of the gasket or botton… id have to look would cause problems but id bet, governor linkage needs straightened

  8. Did this with my coil as well but it also revolved in pulses once started. I had used a coil from a 12hp motor on my 14.5 hp motor and assumed it was the difference in coils but then noticed a fuel leak on the fuel bowl that gravitated toward an electrical connection at the bottom of the bowl. I'm not sure now which one is causing the problem. Any ideas?

  9. any fuel leak especially at the bowl could cause that problem. also if the coil you used wasnt the same as what the engine calls for it could also cause problems. usuallly the engine pulsing or surging is from a mal adjusted carb or covernor linkage…. air leak in the bowl or bad gas….

  10. Thanks for the video! got a question ive set the ignition like you showed on this video but still i get like advanced ignition it kicks back on the pull starter (painfull!) although it eventually starts. is there anyway to retard ignition? thanks.

  11. If you have the correct coil and flywheel on that engine there shouldnt be any kickback….. Reasons for kickback are if your trying to start a lawnmower engine without a blade on it giving the engine counter weight that it needs or if it has a blade on it, it sounds like your flywheel key and or flywheel need replaced. If you have ever hit anything while mowing that stoped the engine suddenly, it will damage the flywheel key changing the engine timing.

  12. I love it here I am with a set of feeler gauges and none of them say business card on them 😉 Guess I'll reach for a business card.

  13. Awesome,of course when i disassembled my mower i just pulled the coil off and wasn't worried about it till tonight when i was putting everything back together,i paused for a minute and said to myself "now how do i know how far away to put this thing on? lol thanks to you i know now, thanks man!!!

  14. Great video – do you have something on the choke/throttle spring hook-up? I can't find a good diagram for how the springs should be connected. You almost showed it on this video a couple times, but I couldn't pause it to get a clear view. Thanks in advance.


  15. Hi, I have a mower with the same engine. Can you possibly tell me where the black wire that comes out from the left of the coil goes? (as you look at it from the front)

  16. Replaced the coil on my Tecumseh and used a business card for gap. New plug, clean carb. The timing was so far advanced it fired early and tried to run backwards against the pull-cord! Ouch! Used two business cards and problem solved. New engines are typically set with the gap to the fat side of the spec. I guess this is why. That, and business cards are getting thinner all the time. Just an FYI. Cheers! 🙂

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