Shaft Governor Application

This is an animation of a shaft governor. The idea is to connect yellow cam arm to valve rod which is connected a sliding valve. This regulates the steam going to the steam locomotive piston. Initially when the weight are in the closed position, regulator sends more steam to the piston with a process called late cutoff. That is why we here slow “chuuuf” “chuuuf” sound when the train start moving. When the train gain speed regulator send less steam a process called early cutoff. In this case we here rapid “chuf chuf ” sound. Since I can’t find good drawing showing whole system, early cutoff is not working as I planned, however late cutoff seams OK.



6 thoughts on “Shaft Governor Application

  1. I see the port that shows the steam in for the steam chest, but it doesn't show the other port that let's it in the cylinder with the piston and also the timing of the valve is a little bit off.

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