Shiny | How to Clean Your Engine Bay

The most important part of the car rarely gets the detailing attention it deserves, but cleaning the engine bay is easier than you might think. And when things are looking good under the hood, it’s simpler to spot a problem if something goes wrong.

The process for this video is pretty simple. For light grime, start with an all-purpose cleaner, or use a heavy-duty degreaser for a deeper clean. Dilute the cleaner to the recommended concentration in a spray bottle. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Spray down the engine bay and let the suds work their magic for a few minutes. Use a stiff brush to work any stubborn grit lose. Then rinse the engine bay thoroughly with a hose. Wipe down all the visible water to prevent water spots, and blow compressed air to dry out the nooks and crannies. Once that’s all done, spray and wipe the hoses and wires with a vinyl and rubber cleaner. Then, find a Cars and Coffee where you can proudly display your car with the hood up.

Products Highlighted:
· D101 Detailer All Purpose Cleaner
· D108 Detailer Super Degreaser
· Generic Spray Bottle
· M40 Mirror Glaze Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner & Conditioner

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23 thoughts on “Shiny | How to Clean Your Engine Bay

  1. 3 easy steps on how to clean your freshly restored cars engine bay.
    Step 1. Open hood.
    Step 2. Say, yep it's clean.
    Step 3. Close hood.

  2. So you show how to clean an engine bay, using a car that probably doesn't even have more than 100 miles on it since the resto. Yawn.

  3. Put together by someone who knows nothing about cleaning, just to get a few bucks for the ad, attaching to Hagerty's name. How many cars will be damaged due to this ad.

  4. how to clean an engine…

    start with a engine thats already clean… then use overrated Mequiars products to get a end result the same as when you started…

    maybe next time use a engine that has real world grime and ACTUALY needed cleaning..

    this video was pure fluff… and as a side note use surfcity garage products… cuz they actualy work.

  5. Turn on the air compressor, open hood and blow off accumulated dust. Polish the valve covers and air cleaner if necessary. Take the saved money, buy some beer and invite your friends over..

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