(Short Version) Honda 50cc, 70cc, 90cc Engine Rebuild Part 3 of 3 Stator Side and Finishing Touches


0:09 Timing Chain Tensioner Components
3:28 Gear Shifter Seal Install
5:43 Pinion Shaft Seal Install
7:48 Non Electric Start Stator Plate Install
9:48 Electric Start Timing Chain Cover Install
11:18 One Way Bearing/Starter Chain Install
14:06 Flywheel/Magneto Installation
16:57 Electric Start Stator Cover Install
19:22 Note on leaning your bike sideways for clutch work
21:35 Don’t forget the oil screen!
22:12 Clutch Cover and Shifter Hardware Install
26:39 Clutch Cover Adjuster Install
29:24 Installing Clutch Cover
32:48 Adjusting the clutch
34:53 Adjusting the valves
39:22 Tappet Cover Install
40:31 Button Up Misc Bits that are loose or not yet on
40:52 Oil Filling Instructions
41:04 Test Run!
42:50 Misc Instructions

Torque Spec:

Flywheel/Magneto 54 – 64 N/m (40 – 47 ft/lb)

This video series is aimed at showing the basic assembly process of a horizontal Honda engine (1983 – 2012 app]rox., also will help with engines back to 1967, but some differences are present), found in many small Honda motorcycles such as the XR50, XR70, Super Cub 50, 70, 90cc, Z50, SS50, Benly, Passport, CRF50, 70, etc.

Hope this video was helpful,
-Mini Motor Man



4 thoughts on “(Short Version) Honda 50cc, 70cc, 90cc Engine Rebuild Part 3 of 3 Stator Side and Finishing Touches

  1. Thank you a lot for this 3 videos my friend, they are so especific and helps me to dissassemble and rebuild my engine, a c90's. Greetings from Mexico.

  2. been watching your videos, someone is offering me a c 90 for 100 bucks, i think im going to buy it just to rebuild it using your guide, how difficult is to find parts for it?

  3. so so so helpful . somehow i managed to run my honda c70 with out oil in it … i killed a honda cub . as a bit of novice giving it a go i am bound to mess it up . however these videos will be invaluable to me . thanks so much

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