24 thoughts on “Simple Kohler Carb Clean, simple and effective method.

  1. VERY helpful, Travis! My son in TN has both the 1056 my folks bought new and its twin that I bought thru him so we'd each have one to mess with. Both have varying degrees of the "choke it to keep it running" disease and next time I'm there I'll know just what to do.

  2. thanks CRAZY4WHEELHORSES for the video,it showed me why the carb on my jacobsen gt 12  was over flowing with gas after i gave it a small cleaning….i didn't have the float set…thanks again for sharing your knowledge very helpful *** 5 stars

  3. I was getting ready to buy a new carb for my engine but after watching your video I'm feeling pretty confident that I can probably repair the carb instead of buying a new one…thanks bud!

  4. Thanx sir ……….. I have a KOHLER 18.5 engine. Wont stay running as of 2 weeks ago. It will run as long as I dump fuel in carb directly,otherwise it dies.Occasionally i can struggle to keep it running if I screw with the choke about halfway. – I WAS looking to buy a replacement carb, but I have givin up finding one for the 18.5 engine., SO………I will use this vid to try & clean up the one I have & HOPE it helps it & makes it stay running. TY ,goos tips.

  5. Hi Many thanks for the brief refresher on carb maintenance. Had to do all that a few times over the years. I have a problem with a Kohler 301t on a Howard Gem rotavator ( I'm from the UK). Its an old machine. Doesn't owe me a penny BUT …. I used it in the spring to dig the veg patch and it was fine. Shortly after tried to do a bit more work and it wouldn't start – petrol pouring through the carb! shoved it in the garage. Well I've just tried to sort out the problem. Thought it would be a stuck jet or something. After a thorough clean it still didn't shut off the petrol. I've tried a new needle valve and valve seat – no joy. I must next check that float isn't sinking – but it looked good. My question….. The engine has a fuel pump to push up the petrol. Would you know if there is possibly some by pass valve in the pump that could be failing and causing the pump force in too much fuel. The petrol just pours out the carb and floods into the cylinder.Any advice would be welcomeThanks Pete

  6. Do you have or can make a video on how to repair a worn throttle shaft? About 90% of these carburetors have a worn throttle shaft, which effects engine performance and longevity.

  7. Thought this was gonna be simple haha j/k .. Good Vid . Tryin to resolve an issue here. Kohler 18.5 motor , Getting good fuel TO the carb but will not start. Spray gas into carb,fires right up & quikly dies within a few seconds when the gas is burned off. ….Beyond frusterating. My mower has been down for Months literally. So this vid just may help. Ty

  8. In the Video you removed the needle valve First. …yet in the description you said "ATTENTION Remove BOTH TOP jets before removing main jet in bottom of carb" this is confusing me.

  9. I have a Walbro carb & the Main jet does not screw in fromn the underside, it screws in at a 90 degree angle from the upper bowl area, meaning bowl does not need to come off to remove main needle valve.

  10. Thanks for the video. I have a 1960s Tripco Teebirdie golf cart that won't start. Putting a bit of gas in the cyilnder will get it to start and run until it burns what I put in there. I expect the carb float to be stuck or maybe the needle. Wanted to see what I was getting into before i took off the carb because I'm not familiar with this stuff. Somewhat mechanically inclined just haven't had the experience. Will try this out. Thanks again

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