Simplicity Broadmoor, valve cover leak

I removed the valve cover and repaired the leak. It had no doubt been leaking oild for a very long time. The entire engine was covered in oil and the cooling fins were packed with oil,dirt and grass. I removed the cooling shrouds and cleaned the engine up, replace the sealer around the valve cover and reassembled.….
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44 thoughts on “Simplicity Broadmoor, valve cover leak

  1. Lol, I loved that last part. I think a lot of manufacturers make it complicated so you'll want to take it to their authorized service center where they will fleece you. KIA, required a motor mount removal to replace the starter. I never bought another one and never will.

  2. Some engineer decided to engineer some problems that he would later need to engineered out, in future models, as his job security.

  3. You've done an awesome job on that lawnmower restoration!.๐Ÿ‘ Impressive!!

    Any truth to the rumours that you ran a "Ford Rescue" in your earlier life to get all that skill in "fixing or repairing derelicts?"

  4. Over kill on that mower, guessing they wanted you to take it and have it serviced, lol. Looks like a nice mower now. You and Ricky are funny pranksters, makes life fun. Y'all take care!

  5. I've heard putting the valve stems on the inside reduce getting them caught on brush and stuff= less flats,,the ending was funny ๐Ÿ˜€ enjoying this series

  6. So you are saying that Simplicity is designed by committee? lol CEO for Chevy drivers stands for crisis every outing! Phil

  7. Hey Brad youโ€™re really a perfectionist and I noticed your light cordless trouble light I believe I know if you owne it itโ€™s got to be good wonder what brand it is see ya ray

  8. The valve-lash is crucial on the ohv engines. I replaced batteries and even a starter before I figured that out. Simple valve lash adjustment fixed the starting compression issue.

  9. Simplicity my butt. I worked on my neighbors several years ago and it was nothing but a headache but itโ€™s a tough good running little machine. Definitely a pain to work on though.

  10. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Wow BC, u sure turned a sow's ear into a silk purse!! U got talent,Boss! Keep'em coming. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜€โœโšœโœŒ๏ธโ˜ฎ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ

  11. I can tell ya why the hood is bent someone went to work towards the front of the engine and wedged themselves in there between the hood n tractor Iโ€™ve seen it done they do the overbuilding so you will bring it in for servicing. Iโ€™d swap them wheels out side to side so the valve stems are on the outside

  12. Yep.. if you don't keep those cooling fins cleaned out on these air cooled engines, they will self destruct.

  13. It appears the previous owner drove it like he/she hated it because they tried to work on it. LOL, so they tried to drive it onto the ground so they didn't have to deal with it.
    It sure looks purrrrty now:-)

  14. Yup, they still make em. I bought one of their zero turns at the end of the mowing season last year and mowed some of the yard with it once. Dang that thing floats across my rough ass yard. I have seen valve stems on the inside before on tractors. It's an attempt to protect the stem from getting knocked off on them, not sure it helps that much on a lawn mower. And I do wish you would quit mispronouncing the name of that engine. I realize you're a "Texan" now and pronounce words funny but in this case it's just annoying as hell. There's an "R" pronounced in the name and the "er" has a "u" in it… it's properly pronounced "Crow-lur." Get it straight will ya? "And thar's yer dinner!"

  15. That Simplicity is worth a LOT more after you made it good as new! Every do-it-yourself job I've ever worked on, even so called "simple" ones, has taken 3X more than my estimate and at least 1 more trip to the hardware store. The Ford/Chevy dispute has been going on my entire long life. First noticed in 1957 when I bought my first car, a 1951 Ford in excellent condition for $500 at a tiny used car lot which had only about 10 cars for sale. That's usually NOT a good place to find a GOOD car. The flathead V8 was VERY strong. I won my share of stoplight drags with that stock car.

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