SLINGBOW POND Fishing Attempt (+BONUS) FREEZING Water Snorkel Spearfish!

I warm up the slingbow sent to me by Simple Shot on some cagey rainbow trout at the pond. The slingbow is coupled up with arrows and reel from RPM bowfishing. I haven’t shot the slingbow very much, but figured it’s best to just dive right in. The arrows might be a little oversized for the pond fish, but it’s not too late to adjust my set-up. I do manage to get a trophy pond rainbow trout which I prepared to eat with my family and it was super delicious! Slingshots, slingbows (Simpleshot):

RPM Bowfishing (arrows, reels):

I also go for a dive in the super cold water pond with snorkel and mask to try to pole spear some fish, as promised. I get quite a bit better with the pole spear as you will see in the video!


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22 thoughts on “SLINGBOW POND Fishing Attempt (+BONUS) FREEZING Water Snorkel Spearfish!

  1. I was having flashbacks of Rambo and Castaway while watching you hunt those fish and it hit me; you should totally tie a red bandana around a Wilson volley ball and set it up on a pillar in the middle of the pond, you know, to like scare the fish toward the shore as to make it easier to get them, because science!

  2. I always liked the idea of a slingbow because they are small and would make for good survival gear.
    Edit: i personally think that the slingbow isn't creating enough velocity to penetrate deep water at an angle. But i think if you were able to fire down into the water at less of an angle your odds increase. Also a heavier arrow might be better idk. Also those hawaiian slings are really good for frog spearing, you strap a headlamp on your head and the light blinds them so you can get close enough.

  3. Re: suggestions on a spear. Get three long-shanked large fish hooks. Straighten them out then wire them to the tip of your spear. Solder the wire-wrapped hooks and then spread the hooks to resemble the trident spear you have. The fish you are after are not heavy enough to offer up enough resistance to a thinker, blunt spear tip. The ultra sharp fish hooks will pierce your trout and the barb's will do the rest. Also, re-sharpening is a breeze.

  4. How about pounding a pipe or sinking another concrete filled can out in the water where you can get sunlight and be able to get the bubbler out into deeper water? The temperature of the incoming air should be cooler over water than land.
    The ice over and near your bubble stream will always be much thinner or non-existent compared to the rest of your pond and will be dangerous to people unaware of the hidden danger; signs and barriers are an absolute necessity.

  5. although you have to watch out cause most of canada you aren't allowed to bow fish. and when you are its super restrictive to the type of fish you are allowed to get with bow/ spears. and so far i know in BC there are only 2 types of fish you can bow/ spear fish. fish with a spear or an arrow that is propelled by a spring, an elastic band, compressed air, a bow or by hand. Only non-game fish (such as carp) may be speared, except burbot which may also be speared in Regions 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8. No spear fishing of any other game fish (as defined on page 96), pacific salmon or protected species (page 10) is permitted anywhere in B.C. No spear fishing of any kind is permitted in Region 1, 2 and 4. so make sure you doing it right out there (not sure what part of canada you in).

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