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  1. I'm not a firm believer in Sta-bil either because it does not repel water, it only stops the fuel from turning to varnish. You gave some great tips and wonderful knowledge. God bless you and your family.

  2. I did not realize H.F. had sonic cleaners. I will have to look for one there.I strip the paper off half a bread tie and use the stripped end to run up in the passages.Good job explaining the carb.

  3. Great explanation of the common carb problems, here are some of my observations over the years.
    AVgas and race fuel have no alcohol and will stay stable for more than a year. premium pump gas usually has no alcohol but needs a stabilizer for off season storage. Starbrite Startron is an additive that is supposed to emulsify the water in E10 fuel and allow it to pass through the carb jets and desposed of in the combustion chamber.

  4. That was an excellent tutorial… I have just seen to many absolute messes inside carbs over the years. I figure best practice is: Drain it all, and if you have to refill it again two days later, then drain it all again, it's a lot better than finding you need a new carb next year!
    But then I'm not always so good at practicing my preachings LOL Did I mention, great tutorial? It sure was.

  5. on my snow blower, it has a exstra hose that i belive is some kind of drane, it comes out behind the carb, i just want to know what it is

  6. l use flux most of the time, great for dirty and or rusty metal,the only downfall is you can go thinner with gas, but flux works,

  7. Now that you're in the middle of working on the van and the snowblowers , how about getting that Chris Craft pulled in and start working on that too? HA HA don't you love it when you have all the projects going at the same time?

  8. i havd a new troy built 3 years old revs up then tries to stall over and over leaks gas all over the place would it ne a stuck float its trying to run but its reving up and down maybe its just water my son on law was trying to fix it swears its mot the carb i think it is commin sense its leaking gas lol

  9. I've done hundreds of these little carbs and still love them. Tecumseh bowl style carbs don't have the check balls but rather the flat diaphram style that were common on the Toro s200-620, etc had the check balls that old timers shake to hear. I am able to clean the fuel transfer idle passage through the inside of the fuel pickup with a small 90d bent copper wire. I also have a 90d bent straw that I spray carb cleaner through and visually see it clean the passage. Great Video Darren.

  10. Hi! i need some help, i have a still leaf blower, i took the carburator apart to chande the prime bulb when i put it all back together and tried to prime it and the bulb wouldn't fill up do you know what can this be? thanks! 

  11. What I use to clean tiny holes in my carbs is copper wire.  I get stranded building wire, 14, 12, 10 gauge and twist out a single strand cut a strand a couple inches long and I have a soft, yet firm cleaning tool I can bend if needed or work with it straight. I also use a harbor freight ultrasonic jewelry cleaner with a parts solvent inside it to clean a whole carb spotless.

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