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  2. my briggs and stratton 6.5 go kart motor is stuck in high rpms for some reason if it starts the wheels move no matter what if your on it or not its jut goes like someones flooring it all the time is there and adjuster screw somewhere or something to calm this motor down?

  3. Hey Jeremy. I have a Mi-T-M pressure washer in my shop with a Subaru engine on it. The customer is complaining that it doesn't idle down even when he moves the throttle lever to the idle down position. See if I have this right. The governor keeps the speed up and steady when the engine is under a load. Pressure washers are never ran without water running through the pump. Even if you let go of the trigger it is still moving water through the pump. So if this engine is running it is under load and therefore it SHOULD BE idled up all the time. Is this right?

  4. The keeper on my governor shaft failed and the governor shaft fell down I can still see it…it seems like it was functioning fine I had the throttle disconnected from the shaft to make sure the governor was working by leaving it idle and then rev it just a little…sure enough it was turning slightly then fell in the hole…did I just wreck my governor? Can the shaft fall and the governor inside still be ok? O.o I didn't really rev it very high at all not sure why this happened is the keeper the only thing that keeps that shaft up?

  5. It sounded like he said that the faster the governor spins, the more it opens the throttle. But I think he meant to say that the faster the governor spins the more it wants to close the throttle.

  6. Well done, Question: there are usually lots of holes on the govenor shaft where the spring is attached, what are the other holes for and can you adjust you governor speed by selecting a different hole. Thanks.

  7. Great video, thanks.
    How can I know for sure that my engine has a broken governor gear ? I tried adjusting the linkage but the engine isn't working right and the carb was rebuilt…

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