Small Engine Repair: Adjusting the Hydrostatic Transmission Control Arm on a Craftsman Tractor


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

This Craftsman GT5000 Garden Tractor has a hydrostatic transmission with hand control. When the transmission is moved forward, and than put back into neutral it continues to creep forward. Fixing the problem involves adjusting the control arm by loosening a adjusting bolt which is located underneath the right fender and connected to the control arm. To get access to the adjustment bolt, remove the right rear tire. I was able to jack up the rear of the tractor and start it, so I could test the tractor while the rear of the tractor was off the ground. The adjustment requires very small movements until the right position is found. You will know when it is adjusted correctly when the tractor rear wheels do not turn with the transmission is put in neutral from forward and reverse position.



17 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair: Adjusting the Hydrostatic Transmission Control Arm on a Craftsman Tractor

  1. Good job on a great tutorial. Great video angles and lighting. Very easy to understand. You should do how to vids for a living. 🙂
    I have the same tractor. 2005 year. It dawned on me that I have not done any maintenance to the tranny.

  2. i have had that problem with my old old craftsman hydro and i found the perfect sweet spot…but the next day after mowing the field it came out of adjustment. now i just move the handle around untill it is really in "neutral"

  3. by any chance you know how to do an oil change on one of thies hydros? i have an old old craftsman and the tranny isn't as strong as it should be,and it's making a little noise. i think it's the oil change needed. i know they can get pretty discusting in there!

  4. well,i just did an oil change on mine,and no,i am not replacing it because of a wierd sound. i got the transmittion sounds fixed with the oil change(witch the oil was absluteley discusting,took 3 flushes!). it is making aa wierd sound on the pulley that has been doing for awhile…do you think it's the belt rubbing? the clutch placement makes the belt come of of the drive pully at an angle,so i thought it is rubbing. any ideas?

  5. Hey man great video !! I have a 14Hp AWS (all wheel steer) hydrostatic Noma lawn tractor and my problem is if I push the hydrostaitic lever down (forword) it wont move and if I pull it back (backwords) it still wont move… the only time it moves is when I turn my steering wheel to the right then the tractor starts moving… its also all wheel steer, could you help me out?

  6. just where exactly is the switch located? I have one that was stuck in 3rd gear took to a shop wasted money can you give me and idea where or what to do about this. and one other question whats the difference in my snapper tranny and could i use it

  7. I have this same tractor with a 48" mower, bagger, along with a 44" snow blower… I had wondered if the was a foot control mod that could be done to make the transition from forward to reverse more fluid

  8. 2005 Poulan 38: Riding lawn mower. Installed new drive belt. Mower goes in reverse fine. Placing transmission into drive and when release the clutch the drive belt fall off – what cause. The drive belt is the issue any way to get the scematic?

  9. Boom! Goes the dynamite. Thank you – An easy fix and no fishing around for how to make the adjustment and what needed to be done, including the Craftsman Screwdriver trick. Easy peasy,.

    Good to know that we need to fish for reverse too to find the sweet spot. Thanks again.

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