Small Engine Repair: Carburetor Float Height on a 6.5 HP Harbor Freight Predator Engine


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

In this video I disassemble the carburetor on a 6.5 HP Harbor Freight Predator engine to check the float height. The engine is brand new and has never been run, so the carburetor float height should be exactly how it was set at the factory. It is very hard to find engine specifications for this engine, so I thought it would be a good video to show the float height of a new carburetor. The problem I encountered is the plastic float in this carburetor is not adjustable. The fuel inlet need is spring loaded and always keeps the plastic float set at the same height, so adjustment is never needed.

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18 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair: Carburetor Float Height on a 6.5 HP Harbor Freight Predator Engine

  1. This is a RUIXING model RX9602 carburetor. Chinese of course. As far as getting parts and rebuilding it, it might be cheaper to replace the whole carb. That is if you can find a replacement carb or in fact replacement parts. Do you think it's a Honda or other clone??

  2. These clone engines aren't too bad, I have a clone of a gx160 and it works great, I know the predator engines have a nylon camshaft but they should hold up well considering briggs ones do, I think another common carb they use is a huayi, basically exactly the same but they're alright, nice video ūüôā

  3. @oo Strack   As gasoline sits it slowly turns into lacquer. You can use carb cleaner in spray cans to try and clean it out but chances are that you will need to dip the entire carb into a 1 gallon can of GOOD carb cleaner like Berrymans which can be bought at any auto parts store for around 20 bucks. Spray can cleaner is OK if you can spray it through all of the jet and air passage ways. If the jets and passageways are completely clogged then spray cleaners are useless and it will require dipping or soaking in the good stuff. Make sure you do not dip plastic or rubber in the Berrymans or similar cleaners or the parts will weaken and rubber will swell badly.

  4. I replaced the float pin spring with a piece of a pen spring to make it more stable. Its works well!¬† If your carburetor is flooding no matter what you try….put a stronger spring on the valve.

  5. Hi, I have the same Predator engine on my go kart, and I made the mistake of leaving gas in the tank for like 2 months, and now it dies when I gas it to fast. I'm guessing the quick demand for fuel is hindered when I gas it to fast, thus me thinking the fuel lines got clogged with old gas that has turned to jelly. I bought the bearymans carb cleaner and I need to know how to use it, like do I mix a certain amount with gas and let it cycle through the fuel lines till it's cleaned, are do I gotta take the whole carb out and clean it by hand?
    Please reply

  6. This helped me no end with sorting out a leaking Mountfield RSC100 carb, it uses the same Ruixing carb but a 127 not 128. In the end it was a bit of sediment holding the float needle open all the time.

  7. I just purchased this same engine and carb and mounted it on my rototiller. It starts but, only runs 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Then it dies and wont start unless you let it sit for 10 minutes. Any ideas on what to try? Thanks.

  8. this vid is about float height and only to find out there is no adjustment—the vid should be described no float adj leave bowel on dont waste your time trying to adjust float or watch this video.

  9. Have a BAJA mini bike with a Honda clone engine. The carburetor looks to be the same as the one in this video.
    My bike had set for too may months and would only run with the choke full on. I had done everything this and
    other videos had indicated to clean the carburetor but it still would not run unless the choke was on. What I
    finally found was a block orifice in the black plug that is in the top of the carb under the idle adjustment screw.
      Remove the black screw for adjusting the idle, pry up on the black plug which is now exposed. I had to pull
    a wire out of a wire brush to find a wire small enough to clear this piece. It has 3 holes in it. Then flushed with
    carb cleaner. WA-LAH she runs good as new. Also a set of tip cleaners for an Acetylene torch works good
    for the other orifices in the main jet.  Now if I can stop the delivery of the new carb I ordered from

  10. I filled my 212cc predator motor with gas the other day (in a mini bike), and it leaked gas heavy out of the carb on 2 the concrete…any ideas wtf is going on thank u

  11. Thanks. My generator would not start and Hurricane Matthew is on its way. My reservoir was empty tho fuel did flow thru the tube. I took the reservoir off the carb and your hint about pulling the hinge pin off the float let the valve pin come off which must have been stuck in the inlet. I put it back together and now fuel flows into the carb and the generator started with one pull.

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