SMall engine repair Cracked crankcase Briggs and Stratton 8 hp

My Log splitter was out at neighbours– came back with split /cracked crankcase. Aluminum die cast — I gonna try to TIG it up when I get time. But until then I will replace the engine in next video.

Small engine repair but in this case replace.

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15 thoughts on “SMall engine repair Cracked crankcase Briggs and Stratton 8 hp

  1. Wow you have nice neighbours for sure, breaking your stuff!
    I remember one time I lent a metal wheelbarrow to my neighbours and he brought it back all rusted out including the metal shovel. He told me with a smile oups sorry I forgot dirt in it and it rained! He did on purpose obviously…

  2. @Dicofole yeah he did it OBVIOUSLY lol. anyhoo kitfox, sometimes this happens, it may have split at the time you used it had the neighbours not have done so, then again, neighbours could have run it hard and put it up wet. ive had this happen to me before. nowadays ive got honourable friends and neighbours. mostly. the not so honourable ones dont get my stuff w/o collateral. anyhoo the good friends, and such will replace it if they break it.

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