Small Engine Repair: How to Calculate or Mix 2 Stroke Oil with Gasoline or Petrol


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

In this video I show how to calculate to correct amount of 2 stroke oil to add to your gasoline to get a certain ratio.

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23 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair: How to Calculate or Mix 2 Stroke Oil with Gasoline or Petrol

  1. Setting up a spreadsheet makes this so much easier. Create one cell for the ratio number (33, 40, 50, etc) then reference this cell in the calculations and all you ever have to do is change that ratio number to fit whatever application you need. You then create other cells for any amount of gasoline you want, .125 (1/8) gal, .25 gals (1/4), .5 (1/2) gals, 1 gal etc. The calculation cells then calculate the proper oil qty based on the content of the ratio number. Print it out for your application and you have an easy, at-a-glance reference pinned to the wall or in the equipment case. The neat thing about this is you can also easily calculate it backwards to find out how much gasoline to put into a fixed amount of oil if you find yourself with limited oil availability at any given time. Works the same for liters, just add more cells for that type of measurement and apply the appropriate calculations. Done right, the only number you would ever need to change is the ratio number and you wouldn't even need to do that if you just add more columns for each standard ratio.

  2. Whats the adjustments for an Evo 2x Big Wheel 50cc Gas Scooter ? I would like to get one. But, I'm afraid my dyslexia might get in the way of understanding. Can you please simplify this for me. ty. oh, yeah. do I have to mix it everytime i refuel?

  3. nice video I have a question I have a 8 Oz bottle of super tech 2 cycle oil I want to know how many onces of this oil do I need to mix with one gallon of gasoline for my echo wead eater or trimmer

  4. Not uneducated and graduated 3rd in academy but this seems an attempt to make this as complicated as possible There should be simple language and formula with our math.. The metric system was forced upon the U.S. guiled and placed in plan by the media..If one would ask a proponent to show by metric lengths or depths  they become dis-orientated, almost wanting to reach back for footage or inches. show us gallons vs pints and how to mix just one tank on machine .. Got it one gallon=2.6 oil or 1 gal.=128 ounces. It's just the media have played the masses with perfection.

  5. As much as I like math, I do the mixing the hard way. I go to the gas station and put a gallon of gas and a 2.6 ounce bottle of oil in my gas can, shake it up and I am good to go. LoL. All joking aside, very good explanation of the ratios.

  6. if you have a small premix bottle , 40 -1 using 1 gallon of gas ,,,but you need 50-1 can you use the 40-1 mix with 3/4 of a gallon and achieve a 50-1 mix

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