Small Engine Repair: How to Clean and Rebuild a Tecumseh Lawn Mower Float Carburetor Part 2 of 3


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

The lawn mower in this video is Yard Man walk behind mower with a vertical shaft, single cylinder, 4 stroke Tecumseh engine. The engine model number is TVS105. This video is the second part of a multi-part video series about cleaning and rebuilding a Tecumseh float type carburetor.

In this video I show how to clean and rebuild a Tecumseh carburetor.

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23 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair: How to Clean and Rebuild a Tecumseh Lawn Mower Float Carburetor Part 2 of 3

  1. Great camera work. Intake needle pin is what I was looking for. Going to finish up now. Thanks. P.S. I Tecumseh totally out of business now or will someone take them over and keep parts coming? Thanks again.

  2. I am working on a 2 stroke tecumsah snow blower carb that is very similiar and it's a first for me so this video is quite helpful.

  3. FWIW it was just a dirty carb. Though I will say I overlooked changing the fuel line and had to rebuild it a couple/three times as dirty varnished gas kept entering the GD carb.Plus it really was mandatory to remove the carb from the engine to clean EVERYTHING even though the bolts were a PITA.

    Hey it was my first carb rebuild. Needless to say my $20 snowblower is working awesome, I have a better understanding of 2 stroke engines and carbs, and I am almost looking forward to snow.

  4. Super helpful video. 5:30 minutes in I knew what my problem was and fixed my carb by unplugging the orifice hole. Mower runs great now! Thanks for posting the video!!!

  5. Question: Tecumseh OHH55… same problem happened on an HS50 that had other issues that the OHH replaced… But anyways. The engine has under 30 hours on it. Runs fine. However, and it just started this out of the blue, there is a problem with the carb in that when sitting, it will just puke gas out the emulsion tube until the tank is empty unless fuel shutoff I was forced to add is turned off. Float has been replaced along with needle and seat and has been adjusted. Same problem still persists. Don't know what to do and it's getting to the point where I feel I'm going to have to go carb hunting. Any ideas?

  6. Nice video man thx But, its worth noting i just replaced the entire carb from my (Tecumseh tvs90 43705L) for 13$ on eBay with gaskets

    I was watching this video when i realized i must hav blown my Emulsion Tube out and lost it. Cause it never worked again. Really dumb yea i know

  7. I replaced my carb to from ebay for $14 Plus why don't you just take out the primer bulb it just has a snap ring holding it in'

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