Small Engine Repair: How to Remove a Flywheel from a Kohler V-twin Engine using a Puller


**Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on Outdoor Power Equipment. Manuals can be found at the manufacturers website.**

When removing a flywheel from a Kohler V-twin engine, Kohler recommends using a strap wrench to hold the flywheel to remove the flywheel bolt, and when tightening a puller to pop the flywheel off the engine crankshaft. It is possible to use a air or electric impact wrench, which would allow the flywheel to be removed without a strap wrench, but Kohler recommends not using an impact wrench. The method used in this video to remove the flywheel can be used on other small industrial engines.

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14 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair: How to Remove a Flywheel from a Kohler V-twin Engine using a Puller

  1. George, great job once again. Keep the videos coming! Can you put a rope in the spark plug hole to keep the shaft from turning, or would that be just for walk behind mowers? Take care, will be waiting for your next video………

  2. Any good brand name for a flywheel puller or essentially will a generic flywheel puller work for the DIY'er, non-professional! Most of these pullers will work for your car too, I think!

  3. u did it the right way dude,but if that flywheel is really stuck,u will bend that pulley n break thos bolts like twigs,its happend to me a few times.great video

  4. I know using a puller is correct but not nessessary. Screw flywheel bolt back in as far as possible w/o head hitting flywheel. Pry under flywheel hard (second person helps) Smack bolt HARD. If done right (and I mean right) flywheel will pop off first hit. Sure, pullers are great but when you are as busy as me, all the time saved helps customers. Magnets inside flywheel (on battery equipped engines) MAY pop off. Just install w/epoxy. Cyntrifical force will assure it doesn't come back off.

  5. Thanks for making this vid. I found it very helpful. I'm a total newb! LOL! I'm restoring a 1968 Kohler 181s off a 1969 John Deere 110H and flywheel removal is my next challenge.

  6. Hello great video!! I can thank you enough! Can you please tell me what the "two bolt" sizes you used for your puller to screw into the flywheel? I have a puller but I need to get the bolts.

  7. Well, if anyone out there wants to know what bolts are used for the puller, they are 5/16-24 bolts. I did some research on this as I had to replace my stator.

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