14 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair Pt. 6: Installing new head gasket

  1. @JayferRattrap Looked like the pointer wasn't sitting at zero, maybe just the angle made it look that way… RIP Tecumseh Engines went out of business, closed thier plants in North America. I think thier side ventures might still be in operation. If you have been to a Sears lately you will see only Briggs and Honda engines on the new units. It's too bad I started with Briggs but later found certain things about the Tecumsehs to be superior, always prefered thier float carbs to B&S vac types.

  2. @JayferRattrap I rebuilt one on a B&S OHV vertical shaft mower engine, plastic float, I don't think it was a briggs unit, looked like it was made by Walbro. They used to make thier own float carbs on larger mowers and tillers under their own name Flo-Jet, but that was many years ago. I get the impression they are now using a second party to make their carbs. The vaccuum carbs of their own make, mainly the pulsa-jet from the 70's and 80's, terrible. They went back to float carbs after that +1.

  3. I never hadf problems with heads never replaced the headgasket unless thats why i9 was taking the head off or i accidentally damged it and i always did a criss cross patteren for the bolds with hand torque i have a very good feel. And I never had a problem with poor running leaking gaskets or overheating.

  4. wow i learned alot. i see where i messed up. i changed a head gasket on a 14hp riding mower. i tightened in the star pattern but didnt torque it at all. i just tightened it till i couldnt any more. then went to start up.. oil was everywhere.. smh.

  5. I did a search and couldn't find the manual for free. However, it does exist. You might want to try a chat room. Also, usually when you buy a gasket kit that contains a head gasket, you will get torque specs right on the package. If not, buy it from your local hardware store and, if they are good at all, they will divulge that info to you no problem! If they aren't helpful, try a small engine shop in your area.

  6. So, how bad did it leak? Lol if the gasket kit said 150, I would have gone 150 just because the gasket could be made of a different material than the one your owners manual references

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