9 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair: Rebuilding a Diaphragm Carburetor on a Echo SRM-230 Trimmer Part 1 of 3

  1. where exaclty can I order it bro do you know? Its because I already tried cleaning it didn't work same model I believe if I get the chance I'll make a video see if you guys can help me.. btw I used carb cleaner.. :/

  2. What would you charge for this, just done this for my neibor. Weed eater cleaned carb, replaced spark plug, replaced fuel lines, cleaned fuel tank, replaced primer bulb, replaced pull string , cleaned air filter fuel filter?

  3. My SRM-230 had sprung a small fuel leak after 7 years of light duty. It was also starting to run rough, which was probably related to the leak. I didn't bother to find source of the leak because it was time to do an overhaul anyway. Due to your 3-part video, I have successfully repaired my SRM-230.The hardest part was getting that little spring back in. It probably took about 10 minutes of fiddling to get that bugger in. Also, I believe the leak was coming from the gasket that is between the carburetor and the block. The gasket had stains where the fuel had traveled. (Maybe the carburetor was loose?) After putting it all back together, it started on the first pull with the throttle at idle without using the choke. And it ran very smoothly. You have my gratitude sir!

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