Small Engine Repair | Tecumseh HH60 REBUILD | Diagnose and Fix | PROJECT

Can I breathe life back into this 40+ year-old Tecumseh?? Let’s find out!

Sorry to all who are disappointed that I sped-up the re-assembly. There is a supplemental video on my channel slowed down, with narration of what I’m doing during the re-assembly. Please turn on annotations and click the link in the video. Mobile users, please click the link below. Thanks guys!



Over the course of a month I took this beat up motor and turned it into something reliable!

All new parts were sourced from eBay, and cost under $120 to put it together.

Worth it in my opinion to have a cast-iron block, flat-head rather than buying a Chinese Predator motor.

This project will result in ANOTHER project. Drift trike wagon!



28 thoughts on “Small Engine Repair | Tecumseh HH60 REBUILD | Diagnose and Fix | PROJECT

  1. I was all set to like this video, then you fast forward through the putting the crank and piston and everything back together, c'mon man

  2. Why did you fast forward between 9:08 to 10:36? That was what I was really interested in. Can you make the video you took then, narrate it and post? That would be helpful.

  3. Awesome, I just picked up a Troy tiller with the same motor . I will likely repower it on the cheap and rebuild the tecumseh ….where did you source the parts from?

  4. quick question, I have a similar motor that I can't get the front of the crank case off of, is there some kind of release that allows it to slide past the drive shaft, or do I just need to hit it with a mallet till it loosens up?

  5. I would never run non-detergent SAE 30 in an engine.  Run HD 30 which contains all the required detergent additives to keep engine internals clean.  Additionally, the HD 30 very likely is a parafinnic base oil which is superior in engine use vs napthenic base oils commonly found in ND 30 products.

  6. My experience over the past 40 years with Tecumseh engines found they are best used for…increasing B&S engine sales,doorstops.rowboat anchors,weighing down large stacks of paper,and giving you an excuse to take it to the scrapyard to look for angle iron,round or square tubing for other projects.I do admire your stick to it ive ness.

  7. hey nice job with that Tecumseh motor , but my question is , what is that tool on your drill that you use to rota-tor that motor around and where can i get one myself .

  8. Great vid! It shows that you don't always have to know 100% what you are doing when you get started (no offense). Sometimes you just have to jump in and solve problems as they present themselves. You got it running great though!

  9. hey brother hope all is well with you i just got for free a tecumseh 3 horse hsk600 2 stroke engine, thinking of putting it on a future minibike project what do you think? and what carb would you recommend for a set up like this? thanks looking forward to seeing the wagon done

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