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  1. EXCELLENT VIDEO !! THAT SHOULD WIN AN AWARD !!! Thanks for doing that man, I have a 12k lb Ben Pearson 4 poster but it is not in the main shop because of ceiling height. I want a cycle table to work on shit so I am not always on my knees. I think I am being cheap, I found one for 750.00 brand new, the guy ordered then sold his bike, comes with everything including extensions. If you price yours, plus ext. metal, and labor would be close. Might have to get out the wallet !! Damn !!…lol..Thanks

  2. I also would like a floor lift like that for the main shop since my ceilings are low also, I could use it for brakes, tires etc…..I have found a few but not really like that, they are more mobile with the big flat pads. I could use the other two also ….lol…lol….

  3. You have used your head and spent a few dollars in shop equipment that would make mechanic and fab-work-welding much less labor and help you get your work done easier, faster, and safer to hopefully take the heavy load off the human body and reduce the high risk blowing out a back and be left unable to enjoy life or do any work at all.

  4. just found this video,i am looking for a midrise lift for working on my car . sadly everyone wants alot of money for there rusty crap,so the hunt continues. i have a handy air lift table with homemade side extensions i picked up for $600.00 last summer,money well spent. i also have what i believe is a walker hand crank mini bumper type jack i got for tractors,golf carts,atv,s and such for $40.00. grey air jacks are selling here for close to 500,which is way to much coin

  5. as larry verne says in the okeefenoki two step(b side of mr custer) "you dont have to stretch that far your going to rip your britches"

  6. Just a quick question about your Jump Starter. You use this starter a lot, and you haven't , so far, mention it as far as I know. So,
    this looks like a really cool tool, and as I see it, anytime a good mechanic uses a tool, or odd tool design, I'm all in!! As an Aircraft guy, I've had my share of tools that were welded up for a certain jobs, or designed to simplify a real pain job under the tin of airplane engines. That said, did you modify your Jump starter?? I know that if you can fit an 12V 12ah hour battery in the jump starter, that's my kind of road I want to travel. Like you, modify, modify, modify is the way you operate, and that is very good. You have many.many skills, and you have the knowledge and eye-hand coordination to do many things modern wrenches do not do! So, also as a horder, let me know what you think of a compact car heavy duty 12V 18 or higher battery in a home-made Jump Starter. These new model Jump starters are way, way out of a retired guys pay grade. Thanks for the time. And thank you for teaching me many things about V dubs. Great car, especially buses. Wrench-on, friend!!

  7. for cars/trucks. using a lift and/or floor jack(s).. i always use safety jacks as a backup precaution.

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