21 thoughts on “Small Engine Testing Stand How to DIY

  1. Redneck i used the mower deck safety kill switch for the starter button.I made it 3 feet long so as when i walk around the engine to work i had easy access .i welded 2 bolts on the side by the solenoid to bolt a solenoid .That way i could use jumper wires to test a solenoid.,Love your videos keep them coming.

  2. Pure gold man! Had ideas in the back of my head for a long time to do this but haven't gotten around to doing it! Hope you don't mind if I borrow a few of your ideas on the wiring side of it! Take care.

  3. That's pretty cool. Would you make a video if you haven't already of the best mower you think that has been made. The longest lasting. Has the best cut. Best transmission, engine etc. Thanks.

  4. In fact, you could hust raise the dash up and cut the steering rod in the middle, put a pipe on the rod to extend it up to the hight you need it. And there you are. The dash has everything you need.

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