Small Engine Timing marks (B&S as Example)

Quick video on how to set the timing (valve/came – crankshaft, not ignition timing which is preset with the flywheel key and magneto) on small engines, this is basically the same on any brand of small engine, just may have different looking marks. Thanks for Watching!!!



18 thoughts on “Small Engine Timing marks (B&S as Example)

  1. hello… i have a 5 hp mastercraft snowblower with a briggs engine that wont start …. the cylinder is in pretty good shape a few scratches but nothing major… i have cleaned the carb many times… i took the engine of the snow blower and drained the oil there was a good amount of gas in it…. valve clearence is good… has spark and ok compression…. do u have any ideas why it wont start

  2. Its not recommend on a stock lawn mower engine (safety reasons) but yes you can advance or retard the cam timing on these (ignition timing too if you get offset flywheel keys) I've played with it a little, but I might try it again sometime, you can't usually go more (or less) than one or maybe 2 teeth. thanks for watching!

  3. I'd recommend checking the flywheel key, sounds like it may have sheered, if the "ok" compression is to low it could be in the valves, needing reseated. thats about all that comes to mind, can you tell if gas is going into the cylinder, from a wet plug or from gas smell in the exhaust? If it has a float style carburetor as most newer motors do it could be not letting enough gas into the bowl, if its the older style (carb on top of tank) it could be in the fuel pump. hope this >>>>>>>

  4. Hi thanks for these great videos< i have picked up scrap engines as I have always wanted to learn is the timing present so that the gears spin at a ratio hence giving a set time in which tings happen? also why do some engines have a wudruff key like the briggs yet old engines like the suffolk they just slide on via a key way thanks Ian

  5. your welcome! Yes, the camshaft spins at exactly half the speed of the crank (1:2 ratio) which is why the marks are so important. If they were a different ratio, the timing would go in and out, where as with the 1 to 2 ratio its always the same. Not sure why some engines uses a woodruff and others don't, just the way they were engineered i guess haha Thanks for Watching!

  6. i have a 14.5 ohv cam without compression mech. in my 12.5 l-head. how do i set the timing-match the dots on crank/cam nothing but gas blown though carb.flywheel key good/coil good-is there a difference way to set the cam because of lobes? thank you–U R the only one on youtube that can really explain cam/crank timing–keep up the awesome videos!

  7. It's not topdead because you want to release the exhaust before it over compresses and pushes out through the carb.

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