Small Engines Q & A Video #124 in HD

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Welcome to my bi-weekly series where your Small Engine questions are answered!

Questions & Tips in this video;

1. How do you properly choke a Stihl MS170/MS180 chainsaw? 0:44

2. Where is a good place to find obsolete chainsaw parts? 2:22

3. How far should the fuel line and filter go inside the tank on my chainsaw? 3:16

4. How far in should the primer line go into the fuel tank of my chainsaw? 4:12

5. One reason why your lawnmower may not start this spring. 4:51

6. What my two favorite brands of chainsaw chains are. 6:53

7. Why do I have to get the carburetor on my Roto-Tiller cleaned every year? 7:30

8. How do you get a corroded float pin off a carburetor? 9:57

9. A few reasons why a Briggs & Stratton lawn tractor engine may be hard to start. 11:14




34 thoughts on “Small Engines Q & A Video #124 in HD

  1. I use Brigg's AFT FUEL stabilizer in all my 2 and 4 cycle gas at one ounce per gallon of gas. The longest period of time I have left it in a gas tank and had it work properly was 15 months. I gave my son in law a like new Husqvarna 240 chainsaw in December 2015 and he did not use it until March 2017 and it cranked up, normally. I also gave my oldest daughter a Stihl MS 251 on her birthday in 2017 and it was not run, again, until her birthday in 2018. It cranked up in four, total pulls. I know because I was the one who cranked it up. I do not use that ethanol crap. I use only premium, non ethanol gas in all of my 2 and 4 cycle gas. Two cycle oil is Stihl Ultra, fully synthetic oil at 50:1.?

  2. I have used naval jelly in my metal tank and it cleaned it up like new. I also run premium fuel in my engines or NON-Ethanol fuel too. Since switching from "regular" ethanol blended fuels… to Premium or the higher priced NON-ethanol fuels ( usually seasonal for Off road use)… I haven't had any real fuel related problems.

  3. Donyboy.. I had an older model Briggs motor on a snapper. It was extremely hard to turn over , the battery would smoke.
       I adjusted the valves at least 14 times. and I replaced the nuts on top of the rocker arms because I heard they will wear out.
      After I would adjust the valves the motor would turn over nicely but it would always go back stuck.If you put a battery jump box on the battery it would usually crank but very reluctantly plow through it.
      U could kind of turn the flywheel back to the left and it would help it crank.  I replaced the pos. and neg. cables on the starter. 
      My assumption was the camshaft had a lever on it that opens the compression valve when you first turn it over and then free wheels so it doesn't contact them so you can start your engine?
      Do you have any knowledge of these camshaft levers? or what would your assumption be? The customer didn't want to spend $80 for a camshaft plus $40 labor to remove the engine and replace it.

      I ended up charging him $100 for a motor that ran better than what he gave me.
     gave him a starter, picked up and delivered the mower. a couple of carb parts new valve adjusters and umpteen hours or labor, new battery cables, convinced the parts store to replace his battery. but u would have to use a jump box on the mower.
    not to mention gas and carb cleaners, rags.
       He was pissed and I still feel guilty for this. and im sure he said bad things about me to people.
      Im in southern Virginia people drive some real junk around here expect it to be golden lol

  4. I have a chainsaw that starts up fine but when I hold give it gas it runs for about 5 to 10 seconds and the bogs down and dies. Then when you try to restart it is hard. I have replaced the carb kit and cleaned it real we'll I just can't find out what is wrong

  5. Keep a clean air filter on and fitted tight. Warm the engine to normal temperature before adjusting the carb. Turning clockwise weakens, ( by hand only) anti-clockwise richens the air fuel mixture. do not turn the adjuster screw more than a quarter of a turn at a time, when the engine wants to stall, reverse the last adjustment made, if the engine starts to HUNT (too rich) reverse the last adjustment, Somewhere between the two points is about right.

  6. A really informative video. I use your video's to refresh my knowledge and to learn from.
    Overfill of oil due to petrol bypass to the sump was puzzling me, now I know. Thanks for a first class informative presentation. My thanks and good wishes to you.

  7. The rusty gas tank can be cleaned by electrolysis, just type in (clean rusty parts,or electrolysis on youtube & there are a lot of videos on cleaning rusty parts. And the inside of gas tanks too. Its pretty easy.
    And also can you tell me if you need a special tool to remove a oil pump on a 180 Stihl Mini boss. Or can you Improvise, a tool if needed. & how to know how deep to reinstall it.

  8. I have a sthil blower br600 i remplace the exasust valve i tri to put evrything to gether i don't how to put the timing in this blower do you have any video i need some help.

  9. oh and also there are some motorcycle fuel tank sealers that would most likely saving you from buying a new tank and save some money. they work real well for metal gas tanks and you wont have people coming back for a free carb clean

  10. so I use .22 pellets and some oven cleaner and baking soda shake it up real good for a half hour or so and let it sit over night shake it up again and rinse it out with gas

  11. Donny love your channel!Could you tell me why my poulan chain saw with low hours would start and then start blowing raw gas out the muffler.Obviously flooding I assume.Then would die.thanks

  12. i just cleaned the bowl out on my m8s carb i thought it may be the float he has had it a long time but the float looks brand new its never been replaced hehe

  13. it could be that the needle valve is stuck, sometimes removing the bowl and draining the carb helps. be careful putting it back together

  14. I have both a Toro mower and a Troy Built snowblower both pre-MTD era with Tecumseh carbs and mine are nearly spotless always and except for cleaning the injector in the bolt and the rubber seal, I've never replaced a thing. How old do you think that corroded rusted Tecumseh carb with the broken pin is? I'm going to try to keep my equipment running as long as possible so I don't have to buy what I deem inferior (MTD) products.

  15. if you have a rusted tank and can not get one clean out the best you can and coat with 3m part #ec-776 tank sealer works really good. it cost some bucks but you can seal a lot of tanks with a 1 qt can. to coat it just pour some in and turn it around and drain out . let dry 24 hours

  16. hey brother, this is bigrat from San Antonio TX, I got one for you I was working on a craftsman chainsaw made by pulon, that would bog down when you would trottle up the spark arrester was clean, I replaced the fuel line that was bad, and cleand the carb, and still it would bog down, checked the port, and it was clean, so I checked the spark plug, it looked cleand, but I cleand it anyway and now it works great, so if you have ckecked everything ell's try the spark plug,

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