Small Engines Q & A Video #127 in HD

Welcome to my bi-weekly series where your Small Engine questions are answered!

Questions & Tips in this video

Link to Echo PB 260L Teardown;

1. Why won’t my Stihl 028 shut off when the switch is in the “off” position? 2:04

2. Is there a fuel filter on a Tecumseh lawnmower engine? 4:05

3. Why does my weedeater drip fuel from the carburetor even though I’ve installed a new carb kit? 4:55

4. If the rings are seized on my echo PB-265L Blower, can I unstick them and re-use it? 7:00

5. A defective Tecumseh carburetor part. 8:17

6. Is the procedure to adjust overhead valves the similar for all engines? 9:03

7. Why does my lawnmower engine surge up and down? 11:00




20 thoughts on “Small Engines Q & A Video #127 in HD

  1. in a program, you had info im batteries to åmkgräsklppare I'm an electrician and know that a common problem is that the battery is charged with 16v or more, but a battery of 12v may never be charged with either than 14.5 v otherwise boils battery do you put two powerful LEDs in series with the charging cable to the flywheel must be a voltage drop of 0.5 v per diot just a tip that allows the battery to last instead of one year for about 5 years, but you must then run the mower at least 20 minutes at a stretch otherwise it is a risk that to charge the battery

  2. I had some amazing work do on my lawn tractor.Don put a rebuild motor on for me,The service was amazing thanks again and will recomend to all my cottage friends

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    Thank you for Q&A!!

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