Small Engines Q & A Video #141

Welcome to my bi-weekly series where your Small Engine questions are answered!

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1. Why won’t the new connecting I’m installing turn when the bolts are on? 0:26

2. Why does my chainsaw die when I go to throttle up even though I have rebuilt the carb? 1:50

3. Why is my chainsaw running too rich? 2:44

4. How are my shop light for cold start-ups? 3:07

5. Why is one of the augers on my snowblower turning freely around the shaft? 4:10

6. Some symptoms of a broken snowblower auger shear pin. 4:57




47 thoughts on “Small Engines Q & A Video #141

  1. Hey Donny I got a toro personal pace recycler model 20017 and I'm stuck. It pulls over hard and won't start. I checked and cleaned the carb checked the oil checked for spark and removed the belt drive. It pulls over about once then seems to stop almost like the timing is too far advanced anny ideas? Thanks and love the videos. Very informative!

  2. I have 5hp briggs and Stratton outboard motor it's start with no problems but when I turn the throttle to give it more gas it backfires pretty loud what is the problem and how can I fix it thank you

  3. I'm needing some assistants I'm currently working on a 20HP b&s v twin intek, I'm trying to get New piston rings and head gaskets but can't find any listings for this engine model# 406777 code# 0127, any help would be appreciated!! Thanks for your time!!!

  4. Hello Don:
    Using your tutorial I got up the courage to replace the cylinder and piston on a 359 Husqv. saw utilising China parts. Well, eventually everything clicked into place and the saw started alright. I took it out of the high RPM choke mode pretty quick, but the saw quit pretty quick on me then. The L and H adjustments didn't change anything, neither did the T screw. Starts fine every time but quits soon. I would guess an air leak somewhere. Where would you suggest I should look for that, unless you know of a different cause for this problem.
    Enjoying all your stuff a lot, thanks and greetings, A. K.
    PS Is there another way to put this type of question to you?

  5. Thanks for the great video!

    Why does my chainsaw die when I go to throttle up even though I have rebuilt the carb? ——

    And when the carb only has a low speed screw ??
    The saw runs fine when its warmed up.
    Carburetor C1Q­S46A 

  6. I got a question, what is the difference between a solid nose bar and a sprocket nose on a chainsaw which one is better, I have a 290 farm boss and I have both for my saw

  7. Hey don I have a Poland Chainsaw tht I have rebuilt the card but the card only has one fuel line no return that goes to the tank but it ravs fine it just shots gas at the top of the carb

  8. Thank you for your great videos! I finally repaired my dad's 1993 Atlas snowblower. Originally thought it was friction wheel due to bad shape, but after replacing it, it still wouldn't engage speeds. Belts new and not loose. Found the big gear had broke bolt. New grade 8 holt and it wants to go! without your helpful videos, part sources and tips, doubt I would have bothered to fix it. PS.. new friction wheel stamped Made In CANADA 🙂

  9. Don I was thinking about buying a sthil  #251 , 45 cc chain saw with easy start and tool less chain ajust  what two you think I cut up about two chords of wood a year.

  10. LOVE THE VID'S DONTBOY…YOU HAVE BEEN ALOT OF HELP…? for you when u have time,or anyone else that can answer,i have a sthil 015l saw and no spark,it has points and condenser w I have no idea about,have u ever converted one over to electronic ignition,if so how hard and approx. what cost..thank u very much…send me an address and I will donate to the cause for all your help

  11. I have an older 8hp mtd snowthrower with the duel pto setup where the pto for the cam run the drive wheels …what would make a good replacement engine im lookimg for say a 10 to 12 hp

  12. Hi donyboy 73 what do you advise i do to fix a Honda GX160 5.5 HP fire fighter pump as it has a problem were it revs up down when pumping water and it does not pump near as much water as it used to. (it is the twin impeller model)  

  13. A much faster, easier, and effective way to remove aluminum deposits from steel and other alloys, is using muriatic (or hydrochloric)acid.  It doesn't take very much.  Just take care in using it, as it can etch concrete in higher concentrations.

  14. Nice Farmsaw! My grandfather was a Pioneer then Pioneer Partner dealer for many years. We still have a "fleet" of those high torque saws. I may have some parts for those if you ever have something you can't find. Quality videos Don, thanks for the upload!

  15. Just want to thank you for putting out all these videos. I burnt up a belt on my mtd snowblower and will use your repair videos to help install the new belts!

  16. Another good tip to remove the aluminum off the crank journal is to wipe it off with battery acid, comes off fairly quickly without loosing any material off the steel crank.
    Great vids Dony. Ive learned a ton, keep up the fantastic work !

  17. I'm done with this winter also I'm in the Detroit area and we have broken all sorts of records for cold and snow. We are 3 inches away from breaking the record for the snowiest winter ever. I did a mid season checkup on the blower just because I have used it more than any other year.

  18. Had some sunny warm days in Vancouver. Driving around with just T-shirt on. Gets chilly at night though. Like 5 degrees, brrrrrr.

  19. Man,  you said a mouthful there, this winter needs to GO!!!
    -20C two nights last week, and -17C one night this week.  My heating bill has been thru the roof!
    Anyway, good vid, I liked the views of the crankshaft with the rod melted to it. I fixed a 4 horse Briggs like that, sanded off the aluminum, put on a new rod and it was good for another 100,000 laps around the backyard!  🙂
     Spring has to be coming some time, my 73 Briggs tiller melted itself out of the snow the last few weeks!

  20. In Syracuse, NY here…  The March 12th storm that came through extended winter here too.  Been too cold for me.  Sledding has been a blast but I'll be glad to see Spring arrive too 🙂  Thanks for all your help Dony!

  21. I am so glad you put in the new heater! Love that farm saw and always a great video! Thank you! There's a reason almost 40,000 people have subscribed!

  22. are those the really expensive lights. my uncle got four of them and each one was $90.00 (us) not including the lights. The lights were about $10 each and each light had 4 bulbs.

  23. What can I do that doesn't require anything to be removed but can help stop the burning of oil since I made the dumb mistake of trying to mix some gas in the tank if my saw I know you should do that but I did and no I'm burning oil and it's coming out the exhaust into the saw

  24. UP TO? -40   Whew you're colder than I thought!   🙂     BTW, interesting, -40°C = -40°F  You've certainly gotten an unusually cold winter while here in San Diego, it's been an unusually warm (and dry) winter.  Supposed to go to 30°C or higher here on Sunday!  Normal is around 17°C.

    Oh, and remember folks, DO NOT to use a regular bolt to hold the impellers, the shear bolt is a special bolt made to break before the impellers, or shaft, or worse, gearbox are damaged when you hit something hard.

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