24 thoughts on “Small Engines Q & A Video #36 in HD

  1. I need your help my 1997 snapper 16hp vtwin is slipping some where in the drive trane i need help i want some concept that is better that the friction wheel its not slipping there but i dont trust it i didnt buy it to mow i bought it to take the deck off and use to drive around the property i need a better drive tran or a way to fix the slippage i put some belt aerosol gripping stuff but that didnt work it helped gear 1,2,3 but not 4,5 anyway i need ur gelp

  2. @donyboy73 its a briggs i put a used key that worked and when it runs its fine but it still takes a while to get it started i picked that and a mtd 4hp briggs up for 20$hehe.

  3. @donyboy73 yes it is thats how i learned right now i got a mower that will run after like 6 pulls it will run tell i go through thick grass the key is broken im thinking once i hit long grass it just wont work i have cleaned the carberator i have changed oil checked spark. what do you think it is?

  4. i saw a guy selling one of those ice augers down here in Floriday once for $20 i dont know why i didnt get it i want a tecumseh 2 stroke

  5. that old 2 stroke motor i have a brand new carb and tank for it so if you want it send me an offer also i can get you a brand new engine for it too

  6. Mine carb is off a 10hp Tecumseh engine my friend looked at the carb and got those numbers off it the motor is from 1999 and I pulled carb off after finding bowl had rusted tru and the float is covered by heavy black stuff I thought gas was empty but it had gas in the line none in tank and sat for 5 years . I use it as backup generator for my oxygen machine I have a 3000 watt main gen . So fixing
    it as cheap as possible. I emptied the tank long ago and thought it was ok decided to test suprise!

  7. @donyboy73 aye the mig is easy to use, handy enough, once u get the feel, there pretty easy to use, i got my first mig back in 1988, i thought it akward at first, but once used to it, there handy enough, havent used the gas/acc bottles since, for welding, apart for brazing, or soldering,

  8. I have a carb that come off a 10hp devilbliss generator the numbers are no longer on the engine I pulled the carb off and the only numbers I can find are 516 on the side and 6208kjkot I am not sure about the number 8 in the number as I am disabled and now partial blind

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