27 thoughts on “Small gasoline engine rebuild / overhaul; part one

  1. good video.. wasnt sure if you knew what all the parts were called but ya did!!! its an easy job eh??? and i was wondering if you were going to say make sure you dont line up the gaps in the piston rings because this is not good for the engine and creates too much blow by.. ya them 8horse single cylinders are easy.. i got a 16hp opposed twin cylinder that im gonna tear apart and maybe my other 16horse twin cylinder too.. not sure yet..

  2. "How did you took off crankcase?"

    The crank case has two tabs that accept a pry-bar. I just pried the case apart after removing the bolts.

  3. it was hard to resist sighing and slapping my forehead after watching this. But whatever it's cool that more people are getting into this stuff

  4. @briggs5sboy ; Unfortunately I have zero experience working on small engines— but if I don't try to fix them, they stay unfixed. The ranch cannot afford to hire someone to make the engines run.

  5. @bubbah12345 ; I do not recall what the kit contained. Gaskets and piston rings, at least. You might want to look at the web site, or a similar one. I did the rebuild three years ago.

  6. I find the best way to rebuild engines, is to pull them completely apart, to single pieces, spread it out in a big cycle, then place the new parts i wan't installed in the middle, then leave it, go inside and start praying, the creator with do his thing, come back out in 7 days and it will be fully assembled and test run! REALLY, Have faith! trust me!
    Note of caustion, be sure to take the new parts out of their plastic bags, for some reason the creator has an issue with that! (??)
    God Bless

  7. I did not see you de gloss the cylinder, do you not have to do so with these small engines? What about the ring step at the cylinder top? Do you not normally have a large enough wear to require removing it?

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